Red, white, or Rose? Nicky Hilton looks mint as she wears chic green

She's one of the most well known socialites out there with an enviable wardrobe to boot.

And Wednesday night was no different as 29-year-old hotel heiress Nicky Hilton stepped out for the evening.

The businesswoman was attending a launch for a new brand of wine in Mexico City and ensured she stood out as much as the beverages on offer.

Dressed for summer: Nicky Hilton wore a breezy mint dress for a night out in Mexico City

Stepping out in the warm Mexican evening, the former model looked healthy and happy in her open front ensemble.

She attended the event in a sleeveless mint coloured mini dress, with her long blonde hair kept loose and allowed to flow over her shoulders.

A Hollywood lioness: Nicky Hilton shows off her ferocious side in jumper with wild lion emblazoned across the front
Geometric glamour! Paris Hilton shows off her svelte figure in a clinging monochrome mini dress
Battle of the BEE-auties! Emmy Rossum and Olivia Palermo look stunning in their black and yellow frocks... but Olivia goes a step further with her quirky shoes

Keeping accessories to a minimum, Nicky let her wrist stand out with a bold statement bracelet.

Meanwhile her sophisticated snake-skin Louboutin heels matched her easy-to-carry clutch.

Attention to detail: Accessories were kept to a minimum with matching snake-skin heels and clutch, plus a bold statement bracelet

White or red? Nicky was in Mexico for the launch of a wine brand

It is the second time in as many days that the socialite has made a striking fashion impact.

On Tuesday she wore a cute floral print Valentino pastel lace dress while attending the New Yorkers For Children Spring Dinner Dance in the Big Apple.

The event was hosted by Valentino and raised funds to aid the nearly 14,000 children in foster care in New York City.

Twice is nice: It is the second time this week that the former model has impressed with her fashion choice having worn a floral Valentino dress on Tuesday

New Releases: Noisy guitars and a folky affair are on offer this week

Mosquito (Interscope)
The noisy guitars that were jettisoned for electronics on previous album It’s Blitz! are back as New York trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs return to their rock roots.
Described as ‘chicken soup for the ears’ by colourful singer Karen Orzolek, Mosquito is raw and aggressive, but also covers new ground: Buried Alive features rapping, Sacrilege is a feel-good gospel song, and Subway samples the rattling sound of an underground train.   ★★★★✩
Yeah Yeah Yeahs have returned to their rock roots with their latest album offering
Yeah Yeah Yeahs have returned to their rock roots with their latest album offering

MATT COSTA: Matt Costa (Brushfire)
Californian Costa moved to Scotland in a bid to make this fourth album a low-key, folky affair.
With a few exceptions, such as the dreamy Ophelia, he failed in his aim.
What he has produced is more impressive. Influenced by everything from Mozart to indie rock, this is adventurous pop flecked with orchestral strings, honky-tonk piano and sunny harmonies.     

Three films for the price of one: The Place Beyond The Pines offers indie entertainment

At 140 minutes, but a safe bet if you’re in search of entertainment, is The Place Beyond The Pines.

Three films for the price of one, the first stars the capable Ryan Gosling as a motorbike stunt-rider who turns bank-robber to support his illegitimate baby son, born after a one-night stand.

The scenes between Gosling and Eva Mendes (now his real-life girlfriend) have chemistry, and there’s pathos in the way Gosling’s none-too-bright character tries and fails to do the right thing, like the doomed Billy Bigelow in Carousel.

The Place Beyond the Pines, starring Ryan Gosling as Luke, offers the audience a variety of different stories

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have chemistry in the film - but cannot save it from its overly ambitious intentions

The second part traces the career of a cop (Bradley Cooper), who again tries to do the right thing when he becomes a hero within his department and attempts to blow the whistle on police corruption.

The third part of the triptych occurs years later, when the cop’s and robber’s sons become friends at high school. Neither tries very hard to do the right thing.

Derek Cianfrance’s second film is more ambitious than his first, Blue Valentine, and has the sweep of a blockbuster novel.

Unfortunately, Gosling’s charisma unbalances the three stories, making the second and third feel anti-climactic.

Either of the first two sections could have been deepened and expanded to make a decent movie. The third is nowhere near as well acted, and seems tacked on to please a teenage demographic that won’t like the movie anyway.

Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead is photobombed by a dude

Binky Felstead's confidence is at all time high since shedding more than a stone earlier this year.

And as a naked man gazed at her while she was hosed off after an intense workout at a Norfolk bootcamp, she learnt she hasn't got to be on the Kings Road to turn heads.

The 23-year old was oblivious to the admiring glances coming from the mystery man, who peeked out at her from behind a curtain.

Mud in Chelsea: Binky Felstead gets hosed down... but who's that behind the curtain enjoying the view?

The sunlight caught her grinning admirer's eyes, revealing them to be bright blue.

He seemed to be totally naked, his pink torso being clearly visible from behind the glass of a nearby window.

The dark haired man looked delighted to be getting a front row seat for pretty Binky's hosing down, and he had one hand placed high up the curtain, pulling it back so he could get a good view.

Mud in Chelsea: Binky Felstead gets hosed down after a hard work out session in Norfolk... but who's that behind the curtain?

Amazingly, neither Binky or her trainer noticed the middle aged man, who might have been another client of No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk.

Binky was back at the hardcore bootcamp to shed a few more pounds after losing a stone and a half there at the start of the year.

At the time she spoke out about her significant weightloss, saying: 'I got back to London in January and I’d been skiing and having huge meals and drinking lots so I was in bad shape and I felt gross so I went to No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk for seven days.

'It’s been amazing. I’ve lost a stone and a half and the trainers were amazing and the food was insanely good, even though the portions were tiny.'

Amazing photobomb: Binky and the trainer seem unaware of the naked man peering at them just feet away

What he saw: The mystery man liked seeing pretty Binky get hosed down after her workout

Mucky pup: Binkly was seen getting covered in mud as she worked out in Norfolk

Getting down to it: Binky has already had great success at the Norfolk boot camp, and went back for a top up

Muddy run: Binky was made to win through the mud during her workout session

As a resident of the notoriously tough bootcamp, she was awoken every morning at at 6am by loud music to do activities such as tyre flipping, circuits, and beach workouts.

And there was plenty more of that on the agenda when she returned there this week.

Binky was seen running through the mud, using a log as a weight while doing a series of squats and flipping a tractor tyre over repeatedly.

To make sure that she didn't slack off or pull a muscle, Binky was accompanied by a former military fitness trainer, who ran alongside her and instructed her technique.

The well to do reality TV star wore a the bootcamp's regulation leggings and vest top, but by the end of her intense session she looked like he was wearing a brown shiny leotard, she got so muddy.

Dedication: Binky showed how determined she is to keep in good shape as she got muddy and sweaty

You can do it! A trainer runs with the Made in Chelsea star, encouraging her to push herself

Really gross: Binky didn't mind lying down in the muck, or soaking her hair extensions in dirt

A helping hand: The trainer either rubs Binky's muscles or smears them with more mud - it's hard to tell

It's not surprising that the pretty twenty-something ended up so grubby.

Not only did she have to run through the mud, her trainer forced her to lie down on her back in it and do some chest presses with the hunk of wood.

Looking at the photos of the society girl gasping for air and grimacing as she pushes her self as hard as she can, it's impossible to not feel a pang of sympathy.

You're getting thinner already: The trainer puts his hands on Binky's hips and gives her a pep talk

Hitting the wall? Perhaps Binky thought she had reached her personal limits as she leant back and gasped

Speed queen: Binky's drama queen T-shirt flapped in the wind as she ran through the mud

Long way from home: Getting covered in mud is not a usual past time of well-heeled Binky Felstead

How To Do Cat Eye Make Up With Binky Felstead: Binky's Boutique

But of course, after her success a few months ago, she knows that there is no pain no gain, especially when it comes to matters of appearance.

Binky arrived at the camp with a post Yuletide weight of 10st and feeling, in her words, 'gross'.

She was keen to shed the excess pounds ahead of filming for season five of the award winning E4 show.

Wheel hard: Binky ran the risk of getting very 'tyred' as she got stuck in to some of the calorie busting tasks

Log way to go: Binky was made to squat while holding a log, a great exercise for toning her legs and tummy

Life's a beach: Binky probably wished she was lying in the surf in the Caribbean, not East Anglia

This way for more exercise: Binky seemed to be scanning the horizon for an escape route as her trainer forced her to keep going

Binky, who at 5ft 7in was within the healthy BMI range, wanted to lose extra fat and tone up to reach her target weight of under 9st - which would put her at the lower end of the healthy range.

Following a rigorous diet and exercise plan at bootcamp she managed to lose a stone.

But Binky didn't stop there. She followed up with a lipo treatment to shift the stubborn remaining pounds, which resulted in her losing another 1.5 inches from her thighs.

Wooden weight: Binky carried the large log over one shoulder as she continued her strenuous work out

Tip top condition: Binky lost 1.5 stones the last time she attended No.1 Bootcamp in Norfolk

Ice bath: Being dunked in white water seemed to be worse than running through mud for pretty Binky

Just like the last time she was at the camp, Binky was made to take an ice bath following her intense work out session.

The cold dip is unappealing, but it's vital for helping to aid recovery and reduce injuries.

'Afterwards you have a two minute ice bath to cool your muscles down and get your circulation going, it’s a shock because you're frozen and numb but it does help,' she said earlier.

In shape: Binky showed off an enviable silhouette as she emerged from the ice bath

Exhausted: After her work out and ice bath, Binky looked ready for a good lie down!

Glammed up: How Binky usually appears with her Made In Chelsea female castmates (back, middle)

The ultimate accessory! Marc Jacobs, 50, and his muscle-bound

Marc Jacobs might well be celebrating his half century, but it doesn't appear that he's prepared to slip into comfortable dotage just yet.

The fashion designer is in Rio to mark turning 50, but looks and acts years younger thanks in part to the ever presence of his younger boyfriend, Harry Louis.

The 24-year old porn star hasn't ventured far from his handsome and well built partner's side as they enjoy a break in Harry's native Brazil to mark the big occasion.

Lip lock: On Wednesday, Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend Harry Louis were seen kissing during a boat ride in Rio de Janeiro where the couple is celebrating Marc's fiftieth birthday

Say cheese! The couple leaned in to take a cute snapshot with each other in front of the beautiful landscape

On Wednesday, the lovers were seen locking lips as they took a romantic boat ride with some friends.

Taking a break from their intimate embrace, the duo also snuggled up next to each other to pose for some pictures, documenting the milestone moment.

And although Harry wasn't seen lighting up on the water, Marc enjoyed a leisurely cigarette as he stood in his plaid shorts and tight black V-neck tee.

But he didn't stay covered up the whole trip.

Cigarette break: The fashion designer took some time to light up between kissing and taking pictures

So handsome: Harry Louis (L) and Marc Jacobs (R) stroll hand in hand along the beach in Rio

On Thursday, he revealed his rock hard body as he and his beau walked hand-in-hand on through the powdery sand at Ipanema beach in Rio.

Marc looked incredibly muscular, and his obliques rippled from beneath his tight black shorts, making a defined 'V' shape.

His boyfriend was in equally good shape, and showed off his rippling torso and toned pectorals as he strutted along the beach in a pair of metallic trunks.

Pucker up: Marc and Harry share a tender moment on the beach in Brazil during their romantic holiday

Larking around: Marc and Harry were playful in the surf, and clearly really enjoying being together

At one point he turned and gazed lovingly at New York born Marc, peering at him sweetly from behind dark oversized sunglasses.

Harry kept his wavy dark hair under a backwards baseball cap, and his dark beard highlighted his strong jawline.

He was clearly enjoying celebrating the milestone birthday with Marc, who he is thought to have met in London a few months ago.

Initially, the pair refused to confirm or deny reports that they were dating.

On a natural high: Marc and Harry posed for a photo as they sunbathed on a roof

Smooth sailing: Marc Jacobs (R) and Harry Louis are in Brazil to celebrate the designer's 50th birthday

A photograph of the famed designer looking cosy at a Paris party with the adult film actor led to much-hyped speculation about the nature of their relationship.

According to Brazilian gossip site GPSBrasilia, Jacobs met the youthful and exotic-looking Mr Louis in the British capital.

Born in Brazil, Louis began his sizzling career in Spain and in 2006, after supposedly having his heart broken, moved to the United Kingdom.

He now has over 4000 followers on Facebook and fans of his English language blog regularly log on to catch up on news about his work and look at family photographs.

They may also enjoy Louis gushing about his love for his mother, who - he says - is his best friend.

Milestone birthday: Marc Jacobs is taking an extended break in sunny Brazil with his boyfriend and other pals

Save a slice for us: Marc and Harry pose with a special birthday cake, complete with dogs made out of icing

It is not known if Marc has met Harry's beloved mum yet, but if she follows her handsome son on Twitter then she will have an idea of what they have been getting up to on their holiday.

Harry has posted a string of Twitter pictures of him and Marc soaking up the sunshine and celebrating his birthday.

In one picture, the couple are sunbathing on a roof, and in another looking out from a balcony over crystal blue waters.

Check him out: Marc wears a pair of plaid shorts as he gazes out at the beautiful views from a balcony

Blue skies: Marc and Harry have been enjoying the Brazilian climate with plenty of sunbathing sessions

Loved up: Marc looks content as Harry leans in for a tender kiss in this photo posted to Twitter

In another snap, the pair seem to be on some sort of boat, and Harry is tenderly kissing his serene looking man.

To mark the actual birthday, they enjoyed dinner with Brailian actress Mariana Ximenes, who Harry said organised 'a very beautiful and unforgettable night.'

In some of the pictures, she can be seen wearing a purple dress and smiling broadly as she enjoys socialising with the handsome couple.

Also in the pictures wearing a pale shirt is actor Reynaldo Gianecchini, who Harry describes as 'such a fun guy'.

An unforgettable night: They enjoyed a meal with actress Mariana Ximenes (R) and actor Reynaldo Gianecchini

One hell of a cake: Marc is presented with a cake made by one of Harry's Brazilian friends

Happy days: Marc Jacobs is having a ball celebrating his milestone birthday in Brazil with his younger boyfriend