Friend who ran from Lawrence murder says police should DROP

The friend of murdered Stephen Lawrence, who managed to escape a gang of youths after they stabbed the A Level pupil, says that the hunt for the killers should be dropped.

Duwayne Brooks, 38, who fled after a gang of racist thugs began attacking him and Stephen, says that it is time for police to abandon their search for the three other killers after two of the yobs were jailed for life last year.

On Monday it will be twenty years since the pair were attacked by five teenagers and Stephen was fatally stabbed.

After a huge police operation, that involved officers bugging properties, two of the gang - Gary Dobson and David Norris - were finally found guilty last year and imprisoned,

The Liberal Democrat councillor for Lewisham says that money should instead be channelled into other murder cases.

He says it is time for the numerous investigations and inquiries to end.

He said: 'If you let your emotions lead you don't want the police to stop looking, you want them to spend as much money as possible.

'But if you take the emotions out of it, you think about the amount of murder cases which have happened and the amount of money which has been spent on the Lawrence case that hasn’t gone into many of those other murders, which might have solved some of those,' The Sun reported.

The 19-year saga involved a string of failed police inquiries, and is estimated to have cost up to £50million

The killing led to Operation Fishpool that, over nearly two decades, would involve 16 arrests, 1,378 statements and 835 house calls.

The 19-year saga included a series of failed police inquiries and is estimated to have cost up to £50million. The four-year-long forensic review which prompted the new murder trial cost £3.8million.

The unprecedented, anti-terror style bugging operation on the five prime suspects was made necessary because of the bungled initial police response to Stephen's murder.

His thoughts may conflict with those of Stephen's mother, Doreen, who has tirelessly campaigned for justice on behalf of her son.

Stephen Lawrence's mother Doreen speaks to the media alongside Stephen's father Neville and brother Stuart (left) outside the Old Bailey in central London, following the conviction of Gary Dobson, 36, and David Norris for the murder of her son

It remains a continuing source of pain for her that three other men — arrested with Dobson and Norris back in 1993 — are not facing trial, as there is no new forensic evidence linking them to Stephen.

Doreen says she feels anger rather than hatred towards the men, who, consumed with racial loathing, killed her son in an unprovoked attack which lasted, the court heard, barely ten seconds.

The 60-year-old’s reputation for being a tough campaigner has won her places on various boards advising government policy makers and senior police officers on race relations.

However, regardless of the laws now in place promoting racial equality, she believes racism still exists.

Awarded an OBE in 2003 in recognition of her work, Doreen says she will continue fighting to give young men like Stephen all the opportunities he was denied.
She regards as her proudest achievement the setting up of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, which provides bursaries for youngsters from ethnic minorities to pursue their educational ambitions.

Yet another thing they will charge to the taxpayer!

The House of Commons is to be installed with mains plugs to allow MPs to use their mobiles while they are supposed to be listening to debates.

Plans are being drawn up to fit 72 double sockets across the chamber.

The bill for the works on the Grade I-listed building is expected to top more than a whopping £5,000.

Plans have been drawn up to fit the chamber with 72 double plug sockets

The move is likely to reignite concerns that MPs are too busy working on their mobiles and other handheld devices to listen to other Members during debates.

MPs were given the green light to take iPads and Blackberrys into the Commons chamber to 'tweet' comments during debates in March 2011.

They were told that the use of smartphones is permitted in the chamber – so long as they are on silent, and they do so 'with decorum and regard for others'.

Bercow under fire for 'shutting down' questions about his tax bill for grand grace and favour apartment in Parliament
MPs complain that they can't claim for a large lunch and have to wait until 7.30pm to get a free dinner
English MPs could finally hold sway on England-only laws: Scots' power must be curbed says report

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming said: 'I often use my smartphone to find things from the internet that are relevant to the debate.

'Plugs could be a bargain if they stop the country making a multi-million pound mistake.'

The bill to install plug sockets is expected to exceed £5,000 because Parliament is a Grade I-listed building

MPs asked for plugs after the use of mobiles was permitted in the House of Commons two years ago

But Labour’s Kevan Jones branded the project 'a waste of money'.

Details of the plans to install sockets across the House of Commons comes after its controversial speaker refused to reveal details of how he apparently avoided paying tax on his luxurious tax-payer funded Westminster residence.

John Bercow and his wife Sally previously paid more than £4,000 a year because it was considered a 'taxable benefit'.

However, the tax bill was slashed to zero in 2010/11.A Commons authorities spokesperson confirmed sockets were being considered.

Death toll rises to 15 and SIXTY people still missing in Texas town devastated

The bodies of 15 people have been recovered after the enormous Texas fertilizer plant explosion that demolished surrounding neighborhoods for blocks and left about 200 people injured, authorities said Friday.

Twelve bodies were taken out of the remains of the plant, another two were found in an apartment complex nearby and a man living in a nursing home died after being evacuated, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Senator John Cornyn said on Friday that 60 people are still unaccounted for, but authorities hope that number will drop.

When the call came on Wednesday evening about a blaze at the fertilizer plant, volunteer firefighter Morris Bridges picked up his 2-year-old son, Jaimeson, said 'Daddy loves you,' and kissed him goodbye.

Bridges, 41, a father of three, has not been seen since. His family have not definitively been told that he is dead but they believe he has died.

'As soon as a call would go out, Morris would be the first one there,' said his wife, Carmen Bridges, who met Morris in middle school and married him about four years ago after reconnecting as they planned their 20th high school reunion.

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Gone: Carmen Bridges holds her two-year-old son Jaimeson. Volunteer firefighter Morris Bridges, Carmen's husband and Jaimeson's father, is missing and feared dead

Rubble: The fertilizer plant at West, Texas, was completely leveled after a devastating explosion that was felt by resident 50 miles away

Help: A 'God Bless West' sign in West, Texas, as vehicles line up to enter the town on Friday

Cleanup: Crews have begun combing through the plant, searching for the bodies of the firefighters who are believed to have died fighting the fire before the explosion

Sacrifice: Texas volunteer firefighters clean a fire unit at their headquarters on Friday. It was reported that eight emergency responders, five of them West volunteer firefighters, were among the dead or missing

Many still unaccounted for after Texas explosion

Officials said that 25 houses in the blast area remain to be searched, as reported by the Star-Telegram. According to Senator Cornyn, authorities are currently checking hospitals and 'making sure they know where people are.'

Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Jason Reyes said it was 'with a heavy heart' that he confirmed 12 bodies had been pulled from the area of the plant explosion. Reyes added that three fire rescue trucks and one EMS vehicle were destroyed in the blast.

Even before investigators released a confirmed number of fatalities, the names of the dead were becoming known in the town of 2,800 and a small group of firefighters and other first responders who may have rushed toward the plant to battle a pre-explosion blaze was believed to be among them.

Desperate search underway for firefighters missing after devastating Texas fertilizer plant explosion that killed up to 15... but town mayor warns there is 'no sign of life'
'We wanted to save them but we couldn't get them out': Survivors tell of desperate bid to pull neighbors from the rubble after West fertilizer plant blast
Dallas fire captain and married father of three who 'rushed to the scene' of the Texas explosion is confirmed dead as five other firefighters remain missing
This man survived the Boston Marathon blasts by seconds then witnessed the Texas fertilizer plant blast

On Thursday, it was reported that eight emergency responders, five of them West volunteer firefighters, were among the dead or missing.

Reyes said he could not confirm Friday how many of those killed were first responders. The mourning already had begun at a church service at St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church the previous night.

'We know everyone that was there first, in the beginning,' said Christina Rodarte, 46, who has lived in West for 27 years. 'There's no words for it. It is a small community, and everyone knows the first responders, because anytime there's anything going on, the fire department is right there, all volunteer.'

One victim Rodarte knew and whose name was released was Kenny Harris, a 52-year-old captain in the Dallas Fire Department who lived south of West. He was off duty at the time but responded to the fire to help, according to a statement from the city of Dallas.

Authorities spent much of the day after Wednesday night's blast searching the town for survivors. Reyes said those search and rescue efforts continued early Friday. Investigators also searched for clues to the cause of the explosion and inferno.

Working together: Volunteers help out at a distribution center where supplies like water and clothing, including medical supplies, are being dropped off or picked up as needed

Assistance: Vehicles wait in line to offer relief to the stricken town of West, Texas, on Friday

Grim news: Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Jason Reyes, left, and Trooper Noey Fernandez inform reporters that 12 bodies have been recovered from the plant at a press conference on Friday. Three others died nearby

Lost: Kenny 'Luckey' Harris (left), a 52-year-old father of three who was a fire captain in Dallas but lived in West has been confirmed killed. Perry Calvin (right), 37, a married father of two from Emmett, Texas, was at a training class in West when the blaze broke out. He is missing and feared dead

Missing: Volunteer firefighter Joey Pustejovsky, pictured left with his wife, is reportedly among those missing following the massive explosion in West. Right, Morris Bridges, who was also a first responder following the blast, has been reported missing by his family

Officials said there was no indication of foul play in the blast at West Fertilizer Co, which they said had not been inspected since 2006, was storing potentially combustible ammonium nitrate and was located in a residential area.

The State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas said in a statement on Thursday that six firefighters, four paramedics and one other first responder died Wednesday night as they battled a blaze the West Fertilizer Company.

'We were all volunteers. There was not one person that got paid to be there. Not one person that was ordered to go there,' Brice Reed, an EMT with the West Volunteer Fire Department, told CNN. Reed also rushed into the blast zone, but survived and was visibly shaken as he spoke.

Rescuers expect to find 14 bodies in the the rubble of the plant and the wreckage of 50 to 75 homes that were destroyed in the explosion, Mayor Tommy Muska said.

Solidarity: A bucket for donations for the support of residents and first responders seen at the Little Czech Bakery in West, Texas, on Friday

Devastation: Firefighters conduct search and rescue of an apartment destroyed by an explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, which has killed 15

Muska says there is 'no sign of life' left in five-block radius that was flattened by the blast. A 50-unit apartment building was gutted. A middle school and a nursing home with 133 elderly patients nearby were both destroyed by fire.

A fire captain from Dallas who lived in West and rushed to help his neighbors is confirmed dead.

The volunteers were battling a fire at the plant last night when a tank of anhydrous ammonia - the same substance that fueled the 1995 Oklahoma City bombs - exploded with such force that it was felt 50 miles away and registered as a magnitude 2.1 earthquake.

Several volunteer firefighters from other departments were in West for a training class when the fire at the fertilizer plant broke out and they heroically rushed to the scene, as well.

Six families have said publicly that they are missing loved ones, also. At least 179 people were injured in the explosion, 13 seriously.

Heroes: This 2013 photo shows the West Volunteer Fire Department. Many of the people in this pictured rushed to the fire at the fertilizer plant in their town. Several of these brave volunteers are missing and feared dead

The remains of the West Fertilizer Company are barely recognizable after the massive explosion and intense fire ripped through the facility

One home was razed to the ground in the ensuing fire, while others were heavily damaged by flying debris and the concussion of the blast

As the dust settled on the small community of 2,800 people on Thursday morning, photographs revealed destroyed homes and debris-strewn roads in a four- or five-block radius around a massive charred crater where the plant once stood.

Later, Muska, who is himself a volunteer firefighter and was heading to the fertilizer plant when the blast occurred told the Dallas Morning News that the death toll might be lower - 14 to 16, which he described as a 'relief.'

Early reports put the death toll as high at 70. Muska had previously said up to 40 were missing and feared dead.

The only person confirmed killed thus far was Kenny 'Luckey' Harris, a 52-year-old captain in the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department who lived in West and ran to the fertilizer plant to help his neighbors put out the blaze.

Smoke and ash: Smoke still rises from the rubble of a house next to the plant

Thrown by the blast: A deer head mount sits inside a damaged car parked next to the apartment complex that was severely damaged

Danger: A children's playground is reduced to piles of timber

Flying debris: A giant hole in the ceiling of the West High School gymnasium

'Captain Harris rushed to the scene compelled to provide assistance to his community during this crisis, rushed to the scene compelled to provide assistance to his community during this crisis,' Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said. I want to express my deepest condolences to his family, friends and co-workers.'

Those reported missing by their families are:
Morris Bridges, a married father of two who is part of the West Volunteer Fire Department
Perry Calvin, 37, a married father of two from Emmett, Texas, who was at a training class in West when the blaze broke out
City Secretary Joey Pustejovsky, a West volunteer firefighter
Cyrus Reed, a West volunteer firefighter and medic

Brothers Robert, 47, and Doug Snokhous, 50, who are West firefighters.

Unused: Wheelchairs sit by the remains of an apartment complex next to the fertilizer plant that exploded yesterday afternoon

Leveled: This crumbled building was once an apartment complex with 50 units. One official described its remains as 'a skeleton'

The roofs of houses around the West Fertilizer company caved in. One home burned to the ground. An estimated 50 to 75 houses have been heavily damaged

Video: Governor Rick Perry offers his condolences victims of West, Texas, explosion

What caused Texas Fertilizer Explosion?

After the extensive damage caused by the explosion - thought to be caused by dangerous anhydrous ammonia igniting in the heat of the fire - Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared a state of emergency for the county and dispatched National Guard troops for assistance.

Waco police Sgt. William Patrick Swanton described ongoing search-and-rescue efforts as 'tedious and time-consuming', noting that crews had to shore up much of the wreckage before going in.

Searchers 'have not gotten to the point of no return where they don't think that there's anybody still alive', Swanton said. Investigators awaited clearance to enter the blast zone for clues to what set off the plant's huge stockpile of volatile chemicals.

'It's still too hot to get in there,' Franceska Perot, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, said.

As many as 179 people have been treated for injuries in hospitals, but Sergeant Swanton from Waco's police department warned that he expects the total number of deaths and injuries to rise as emergency teams carry out their search.

Blast zone: The West Fertilizer Co. is close to a school, nursing home and many residences, and up to 75 are believed to have been destroyed

Location: The town of West, which has around 2,800 residents and just three ambulances, was 'overwhelmed' by the explosion, residents said

The tragedy raised fears of another U.S. terror attack just days after the Boston bombs that killed three people, and comes ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Waco siege, but Mr Swanton said the blast was more likely to be a terrible industrial accident.

'They are still getting injured folks out and they are evacuating people from their homes,' Mr Swanton said in a press conference this morning. 'At this point, we don't know a number that have been killed. ... I think we will see those fatalities increase as we get toward the morning.'

Swanton said a minimum of 400 emergency responders arrived at the scene on Wednesday night. Officials said they were treating it as a crime scene.

'We are not indicating that it is a crime, but we don't know,' Swanton said. 'What that means to us is that until we know that it is an industrial accident, we will work it as a crime scene. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is conducting the main investigation.'

He said there is not believed to be any hazard from smoke or air particles, and firefighters believe they have the blaze in the plant under control.

Mother says a purse uncovered in the Tennessee hills

Tennessee investigators and the mother of a nursing student missing for two years say a purse found this week is not that of missing nursing student Holly Bobo.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Kristin Helm said Friday that Bobo's mother had seen a photo of the recovered purse two days ago and thought it was her daughter's. But after seeing it in person Friday, Karen Bobo said it wasn't.

Neighborhood dogs had found the purse in the hills in west Tennessee on Wednesday, prompting a search for other clues. But nothing was found.

Major breakthrough: A dog found what was believed to be nursing student Holly Bobo's bag (pictured) more than two years after she went missing in rural Tennessee

Tragic beauty: The bright-eyed 20-year-old college student Holly Bobo was allegedly abducted by a man who led her into the woods in April 2011, never to be seen again

Holly Bobo was last seen April 13, 2011, when her brother said he saw a man in hunting clothes leading the 20-year-old into the woods around the family home outside Parsons, about 125 miles northeast of Memphis.

Officials with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation came out in full force Thursday in an effort to locate the place where the dog may have discovered the purse hoping to find additional clues, the station WSMV reported.

The new hunt for Bobo came less than a week after her hometown marked a somber two-year anniversary since her disappearance with a walk and a run in her honor.

Bobo went missing from her home in Darden, Tennessee on the morning of April 13, 2011. Her brother Clint, 25, told police he had seen her being led into the woods by an unknown man wearing hunting camouflage at around 7.30am.

Snatched: It turns out the bag did not belong to Holly, according to her mother and investigators

Keeping the faith: Friends and strangers have been tirelessly spreading the word about Miss Bobo with fliers and pictures adorned with pink ribbons

Sombre benchmark: Investigators thought they had a break in the case less than a week after a two-year anniversary of Bobo's disappearance

Family pulling together: Bobo's parents have been traveling around the state talking about their daughter's case

He called authorities when he saw a small amount of blood in the family's carport where Bobo was believed to be abducted on her way to school.

Clint Bobo said he initially thought she was being taken into the woods by her boyfriend, but became alarmed when he saw the man's arm holding onto his sister and called 911.

John Mehr, spokesman for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, said in 2011 that officials believe Bobo followed her abductor into the woods without showing resistance because she was 'in fear of her life.'

The reward fund for information leading to Holly's safe return home has swelled to $250,000.

Investigators have claimed they have had 'significant' findings over the past two years, yet none have led to the discovery of Holly.

Her parents have previously said they thought it could have been someone who knew the family and their morning routine.

Home turf: The tattered pink bag turned up near Darden, Tennessee, about a mile from Bobo's home

New search: Authorities returned to the rugged area in Decatur County hoping to find the spot where the dog discovered the purse

Fresh start: Officials returned to the rugged area around Bobo's home, which previously had been scoured by hundreds of volunteers

After her disappearance, more than a thousand volunteers searched nearby wooded area, and especially Natchez Trace State Park, for clues, Fox News.

Authorities armed with high-resolution imaging equipment scoured lakes and ponds, but to no avail.

Bobo's mother, Karen, quit her job as a teacher to devote her time to spreading the word about her daughter's abduction.Holly is 5 feet 3 inches with shoulder-length blonde hair and weighs around 110lbs. She was wearing a pink shirt and blue jeans at the time of her abduction.

Boston Marathon bombing suspect NOT read his Miranda rights

A Justice Department official says the Boston Marathon bombing suspect will not be read his Miranda rights because the government is invoking a public safety exception.

That official and a second person briefed on the investigation says 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be questioned by a special interrogation team for high-value suspects.

The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to disclose the information publicly.

Rights revoked: A Justice Department official says Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, will not be read his Miranda rights because the government is invoking a public safety exception

Serious condition: This still frame from video shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev visible through an ambulance after he was captured in Watertown, Massachusetts on Friday, April 19, 2013

The public safety exception permits law enforcement officials to engage in a limited and focused unwarned interrogation of a suspect and allows the government to introduce the statement as evidence in court.

The public safety exception is triggered when police officers have an objectively reasonable need to protect the police or the public from immediate danger.

Tsarnaev was apprehended by local authorities and rushed to the hospital in a serious condition at 8:43 pm on Friday evening after an ongoing gun battle with police and SWAT teams.

How a man's love for his boat led to the capture of the world's most wanted man: Boston bombing suspect discovered less than an hour after residents given 'all clear to go outside again'
Feds 'investigating possibility that the government's terror-trackers knew about the Boston bombers before the blasts'
'We got him!' Fugitive 'bomber' captured ALIVE after he was found hiding inside a BOAT in backyard of Boston home. Cops use flash-bang grenades and gas to flush out Dzhokar Tsarnev

Two days prior, the 19-year-old Chechen terror suspect partied with college friends on Wednesday night and was said to 'look relaxed

Hours before the deadly shootout which claimed his brother's life Tsarnaev was seen on a night out on campus.

A fellow University of Massachusetts student told the Boston Globe: 'He was just relaxed'.

Back to normal: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old Chechen terror suspect, partied with college friends on Wednesday night after the marathon bombings and was said to 'look relaxed'

The account, confirmed to friends to belong to the terror suspect, makes for haunting reading.

Just months before the tweet he said he was changing majors to try and become a nurse and talked about his work 'saving lives' as a Harvard lifeguard.

'I didn't become a lifeguard just to chill and get paid, I do it for the people, saving brings me joy,' he wrote on May 29.

However, it has emerged he was sacked last summer after he suddenly stopped turning up for shifts, according to a Buzzfeed report.

The Chechen has been described by friends as a ‘careful and jovial’ student, who has lived in the U.S for a decade and partied ‘like a normal American kid' - painting a conflicting picture of a man now accused of terrorism.

It appears he became increasingly radicalized by his older brother Tamerlan with whom he is said to have carried out the deadly attack - killing three and injuring more than 180.

His cousin, Zaur, told the Boston Globe that he 'used to warn Dzhokhar that Tamerlan was up to no good' while Tamerlan's boxing coach said the younger brother would watch him train, 'he idolized him', he told the Boston Herald.

The twitter account portrays two contrasting pictures and hints at a man who suddenly changed sometime last year.

Many of his posts are innocuous references to pop culture, college and women.

He posts hip hop lyrics, talks about his love for TV show Breaking Bad and chats to college friends.

'Normal': Various pictures show Tsarnaev hanging out with American friends. Here he is pictured in New York's famous Times Square

But others are serious and appear to suggests of events to come.

On April 21 2012 he wrote in Russian: 'I will perish young' while last month he tweeted 'Never underestimate the rebel with a cause'.

In a July 17 post at 10.45am he wrote: '3rd zombie apocalypse dream in a span of like 2 weeks, I'm no golden boy but maybe, just maybe we should be expecting something soon, tbc..'

This was the same day his older brother is believed to have returned to the country after a mysterious six month absence.

Dzhokhar also made plain his feelings on 9/11.

He also posted: 'Idk [I don't know] why it's hard for many of you to accept that 9/11 was an inside job, I mean I guess f*** the facts y'all are some real #patriots #gethip.'

And 'September 10th baby, you know what tomorrow is. Party at my house! #thingsyoudontyellwhenenteringaroom.'

Reports yesterday suggested he had convinced his mother too.

A former client of Zubeidat Tsarnaeva told the Huffington Post the mother of the bombers was also a denier.

Alyssa Kilzner said: 'It’s real. She said, 'My son knows all about it. You can read on the Internet.'

The terror suspect also posted pictures of himself in Times Square and wrote about visiting New York in November.

Another particularly hateful comment reads: 'You guys know that the suicide rate for active duty american soldiers is at an all time high for 2012, a suicide a day, whats the #problem?'

He also wrote: 'A decade in America already, I want out.'

'He liked to party': Friends said he was a typical young man

The context of the Boston Marathon message is not known as the recipient's account and responses are locked and therefore private.

But half the conversation can be seen on the terror suspect's site.

Dzhokhar was attending the University of Massachusetts after graduating from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, former high school of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Up until Monday, family and friends said he appeared to be a party-loving guy, who was never a troublemaker and appeared grateful to America for taking in his family.

His father described him as a 'true angel' today as news emerged his two sons were terror suspects wanted for the atrocious attack on Boston on Monday.

Anzor Tsarnaeva spoke with The Associated Press by telephone from the Russian city of Makhachkala.

'My son is a true angel,' he said. 'Dzhokhar is a second-year medical student in the U.S. He is such an intelligent boy.'

Both men were legal permanent residents of the United States who hailed from Chechnya, which has been plagued by an Islamic insurgency stemming from separatist wars.

How a man's love for his boat led to the capture of the world's most wanted man: Boston bombing suspect discovered less than an hour after residents given 'all clear to go outside again'
Feds 'investigating possibility that the government's terror-trackers knew about the Boston bombers before the blasts'
'We got him!' Fugitive 'bomber' captured ALIVE after he was found hiding inside a BOAT in backyard of Boston home. Cops use flash-bang grenades and gas to flush out Dzhokar Tsarnev

But the two brothers took to their adoptive country very differently.

It appears Tamerlan became radicalized in recent months. Despite his many years here, he said he had 'one single American friend'.

Five months ago, he created a YouTube playlist dedicated to terrorism. Named simply ‘Terrorists,’ it included a pair of videos, which are now no longer available.

Among the songs was one called ‘I will dedicate my life to Jihad.' He also featured videos recorded by recent converts to Islam.

His brother on the other hand, who grew up in the country from a much younger age, seemed to have entirely immersed himself in American life.

High school friends expressed their shock that he would have anything to do with terrorism.

One friend told CNN: 'He is a normal kid, he parties, he sometimes smokes - if you know what I mean. He was as American as I am - he was born and raised here. This kid was a walking angel.'
VIDEO: Headmaster talks about the Tsarnaev family

Boston suspect's former headmaster says the Tsarnaevs left for...

Yearbook: This picture shows Dzhokhar in his Cambridge Rindge and Latin School yearbook. He was remembered as sociable and grateful - not a troublemaker

Wanted: A picture of a young Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, left, was released in a wanted picture today while it emerged his mother was arrested for shoplifting last year, right

Former wrestling coach Larry Aaronson told CNN: 'There was nothing in his character, in his comportment, in his demeanor that said he would be capable of doing this.

He was so grateful to be here, he was so grateful to be at the school. He was so grateful to be accepted. He was pleasant, careful, jovial - there was nothing remotely like this at all. He was a lovely, lovely kid, an outstanding athlete and never a troublemaker.

'Last time I saw him I spoke to him in the street around Thanksgiving. I asked if he was still wrestling and he said he was burying himself in his studies.'

At some point, however, that attitude changed.

Dzhokhar was born in Kyrgyzstan after the family fled Chechnya. The family, which also included two daughters, Bella and Amina, had refugee status.

Both sons had immense pride in their 'home country' with Dzhokhar describing himself as Chechen and speaking the language.

The family moved around Eastern Europe with their young family.

He went to a school in Makhachkala, the capital city of the Republic of Dagestan, between 1999-2001.

His former teachers at his first school described him as a 'normal child' today.

‘He arrived at our school in the first form and departed in the second,’ Irina Bandurina, the secretary at Makhachkala’s School No.1, told RT.

Radicalized: Tamerlan Tsarnaev appears to have become increasingly radicalized in recent months

Influence? It appears Dzhokhar may have been influenced by his older brother, Tamerlan, a boxer, whose radicalization was apparent in internet posts in recent months

Wanted: This is the poster police have released identifying the younger Tsarnaev brother

Social websites: 19-year-old Dzhokhar has numerous social network profiles where he is pictured with friends

Chechnya: A history of terror

Muslim militants from Chechnya have a long history of unleashing separatist terror attacks on Russia – but the allegations of involvement in the Boston Marathon explosions would mark the first time they have targeted the West.

Buried in the heart of Russia’s Northern Caucasus, the Islamic state has fought against Russian rule for centuries.

But it culminated in a bloody and chaotic civil war with the Russian government in 1994 that left tens of thousands dead and the region in ruins.

As a result, the area became a hotbed for extremism, and was soon infiltrated by foreign Islamic militants, including those with ties to al Qaeda.

Terrorists have since unleashed a string of attacks on Russian soil and, more recently, abroad.

Russian troops withdrew from Chechnya in 1996 after the first Chechen war, leaving it de-facto independent and largely lawless, but then rolled back three years later following apartment building explosions in Moscow and other cities blamed on the rebels.

Chechnya has stabilized under the steely grip of Kremlin-backed local strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, a former rebel whose forces were accused of massive rights abuses.

But the Islamic insurgency has spread to neighboring provinces, with Dagestan, sandwiched between Chechnya and the Caspian Sea, becoming the epicenter of violence with militants launching daily attacks against police and other authorities.

Militants from Chechnya and neighboring provinces have launched a long series of terror attacks in Russia

On October 23 2002, over 40, mostly female, terrorists took more than 700 hostages prisoner at a Moscow theater, demanding an end to the Russian presence in Chechnya. Dressed from head to toe in black hijabs, they became known as The Black Widows.

But when Russian security forces stormed the theater, guns blazing, the hostage takers responded by detonating homemade bombs strapped to their bodies, killing more than 100 innocent theater goers.

Then on September 1 2004, a group of 32 heavily-armed, masked men seized control of Middle School Number One and more than 1,000 hostages in Beslan, North Ossetia.

Most of the hostages were children aged from six to sixteen years old.

After a tense two-day standoff, that was beamed around the world, Russian forces raided the building.

A violent, two-hour gunfight followed bringing an end to a siege that ultimately claimed the lives of 331 civilians, 11 commandos and 31 hostage-takers.

The rebels have since claimed responsibility for an array of terrorist attacks, including last year's double suicide bombing of the Moscow subway system that killed 40 people.

In March 2010, two women suicide bombers killed 40 commuters when they blew themselves up on two packed tube trains during the busy rush hour.

And in January a year later, a Chechen suicide bomber unleashed terror on Moscow's Domodedovo Airport when they blew themselves up killing 36 people.

In recent years, however, militants in Chechnya, Dagestan and other neighboring provinces have largely refrained from attacks outside the Caucasus.

The allegations of the Caucasus men's role in the Boston's explosions would reinforce long-held claims by Russian officials that insurgents in the Caucasus have been linked to al-Qaida.

‘They arrived from Kyrgyzstan and departed to the US. I’m telling you they lived here for a year. Not the whole year. They arrived at the school in 2001 and departed in March 2002 … There were four of them – two sisters and two brothers… It’s written here that they are from Kyrgyzstan.’

A friend of Dzhokhar, Eric Mercado, told CNN the 19-year-old was just a 'normal American kid'.

'There was no evidence that would lead us to believe he was capable of any of this,' he said.

In high school he was a young wrestling star - a member of the team for three years and captain for two.

Sanjaya Lamichhame, a team-mate, refused to speak against his friend and said: 'He always motivated me. He was a very nice guy. I knew him for four or five years.'

He also showed intellectual promise - winning a scholarship of $2,500 from the city of Cambridge.

His page on Vkontakte, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, shows pictures of him with friends and posing for the camera.

On that site he mentions his interest in Islam but makes no suggestion he was radicalized.

It has now been overrun with people asking him how he could have committed the bombing, and wishing him dead.

The first brush with police for the family appears to been have made in June 2012 when the boys mother Zubeidat Tsarnaeva was arrested for stealing $1,624 in clothes from Lord and Taylor.

His high school friend Mercado said there was only one time he remembered him discussing terrorism.

'A friend of mine remembered a conversation he had had with Dzhokhar. It was along the lines of when justified, terrorism is not necessarily a bad thing.'

'It was a red flag but people say things all the time and you don't take it out of context. You don't believe someone's going to be a terrorist because of these conversations.'

He said friends were in disbelief when they identified Dzhokhar from FBI pictures by his trademark backwards white cap.

Just a few hours after the FBI released the photos and videos of the two young men, who were seen carrying backpacks as they mingled among marathon revelers, clashes began with them around Boston.

Authorities said surveillance tape recorded late Thursday showed him during a robbery of a 7-Eleven in Cambridge, near the campus of MIT, where a university police officer was killed while responding to a report of a disturbance, said State Police Col Timothy Alben.

The officer died of multiple gunshot wounds.

From there, authorities say, the brothers carjacked a man in a Mercedes-Benz, keeping him with them in the car for half an hour before releasing him at a gas station in Cambridge.

The man was not injured.

The search for the vehicle led to a chase that ended in Watertown, where authorities said the suspects threw explosive devices from the car and exchanged gunfire with police.

The older brother was killed.

A doctor from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center said the suspect died after suffering multiple wounds from gunshots and possibly the blast of an explosive.

'There were signs of more than just gunshot wounds, said the doctor, who did not give his name.

Student: The 19-year-old was a medical student in a Massachusetts university where he had numerous friends