She's dead to me: Disgruntled ex converts tattoo of former flame into skull rather than getting it removed following their bad split

Tattoos of once-loved-ones have always made for awkward decisions after a couple breaks up.

Laser removal is the route for many, but one man who clearly did not think highly of his ex took another path.

The Huffington Post highlights one of the most dramatic examples of someone's very colorful version of moving on from a failed relationship.

Ouch: This disgruntled ex went to great lengths to make their feelings about Jennifer clear post split

This person got a tattoo if their ex named Jennifer, that included her entire face that spanned the length of the individual's limb.

Perhaps assuming that it would be extremely painful- and costly- to remove Jennifer's detailed face in it's entirety, the ex decided to go a more negative route.

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They turned the picture of a very-much alive Jennifer into a rotting skeleton draped in a red shawl, making both her face and name no longer recognizable.

The tattooed individual, whose name has not been released, posted a three-way picture of the process online saying that it was a 'good example of how to deal with ex girlfriend tattoo'.

Given the context, it seems fairly clear that the relationship won't be rekindled anytime soon.