Vanilla Ice Goes Amish: Debut reality series coming to DIY

Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, In a world where there are television shows about the Amish breaking free into the new world and an Amish mafia; there can be a television series about a rapper that heads into that same world. "Vanilla Ice Goes Amish" has been confirmed to be a new reality series coming to the DIY Network this fall, according to the Associated Press on April 23, 2013.

An exact start date is not known at this time, but "Vanilla Ice Goes Amish" is confirmed for this year and most likely will begin in the fall.

Vanilla Ice is going to take to the world of an Amish community in Ohio and live with the people that are there. He is going to learn how to do construction and live the life of the Amish as they do every single day of their lives.

It is no surprise that Vanilla Ice is going to appear on the DIY Network since he already has a renovation show that airs on it. That series will actually be entering its fourth season this upcoming fall.

"Vanilla Ice Goes Amish" is yet another feather in the caps of the Amish culture as they are appearing on numerous networks with multiple shows now.