Openly gay kicker: Alan Gendreau hopes to first openly gay NFL player

Openly gay kicker, a former college kicker, a hopeful NFL player and openly gay. The 23-year-old football star is hoping for an invitation to show his skills in the NFL and isn't shying away from pursuing his dreams, reported The New York Times on April 23.

Gendreau played college ball at Middle Tennessee State, and he played it well. Gendreau had a record-breaking career at Middle Tennessee State, scoring 295 points in his career. Gendreau said he has open about his sexuality since high school and didn't disguise it during college, despite wondering about the potential impact it may have. He garnered big league interest early on in his collegiate career, but a senior slump put him amongst the many hopefuls looking for a shot at the NFL.

Now, after a break from football and some time to reflect, the 23-year-old is back in shape and hoping for another chance at the big leagues.

“I’m a kicker that happens to be gay,” Gendreau told The New York Times. “It’s a part of who I am, and not everything I am."

There has been much talk and speculation of late about the NFL's receptivity to an active, openly gay player. Former NFL player Kwame Harris recently came out as gay and spoke about his fear of rejection and discrimination had he come out while still an active player in the league. Sources have suggested that it is just a matter of time before upwards of four active players will come out as gay. While it has long been suspected that the first openly gay NFL player would come from amidst the existing ranks, it is possible that someone like Gendreau could get a shot and enter the game as an openly gay man. Regardless of which scenario comes true first, experts believe it's likely that the NFL will see its first openly gay player in the very near future.