Cops 2-pound joint: Seized at UC Santa Cruz

Cops 2-pound joint, seized by the cops at UC Santa Cruz. Campus police at USC were blunt Saturday. Cops there confiscated a 2-pound joint from Santa Cruz students gathered for the annual weed party. Apparently, the legal limit for a marijuana joint is only one ounce, and recreational use is still frowned upon, citing an April 22 Huffington Post story.

A Live-Leak video posted on the Internet shows two University of South California police officers carrying a large rolled marijuana cigarette. While it looks more like a spoof from SNL; the 2-pound joint seized from the party-goers was the real deal.

The yearly gathering at Porter Meadow aka "4/20" attracts thousands of students, but there is no report of a blunt ever being this large. Some believe the massive contraband roll would make a Guinness World Record.

Nonetheless, the video shows officers walking with the contraband after pulling the plug on the celebration around it. As they walk, an unnamed person repeatedly call them liars and threatens to take the matter to court.

The chief of police said the costs to shutter the annual weed party far outweighs the expense to just patrol the event for public safety.

Of note: While California still bans marijuana for casual use, law enforcement's reaction to violators has relaxed over the years, says the Post.

Still, when cops see a 2-pound joint, it's definitely getting confiscated.