Will.i.am admits: I wrote to their instrumental

Will.i.am admits that he stole a track for his new song with Chris Brown. Will had previously been accused of using the instrumental and during a phone call today, he admitted it. On April 23, TMZ reported that Will said he wants to get everything straightened out and that he has made an honest mistake.

"I'm a fan of Arty. I think he's great and the world needs to know about how talented those guys are. It's sad that it's turned into a fiasco but hopefully it's resolved because I'm a fan of those guys to the point where I wrote to their instrumental. We're fixing it now," Will.i.am said.

Will.i.am admits that the track was used in the song "Let's Go." According to Arty from Arty & Mat Zo, the track was taken from his song, "Rebound." At this point in time it is unclear if Arty is going to sue will.i.am for stealing the track or if the guys are going to be able to work it out some other way.

People seem to be outraged to learn that Will stole this track, and sadly this happens a lot in the music business -- and some times things get worked out and some times there are lawsuits. Do you think will.i.am should be sued? Did you even like his new song with Chris Brown?

Will.i.am admits to using the track but he says that he thought that the licensing issue had been "taken care of." What do you think?