Vanilla Ice Goes Amish for new Diy Series

A television network DIY is proving a comfortable home for rappers turned renovators.

"Vanilla Ice Goes Amish" will debut on the network this year. Network executive Burton Jablin says the former rap star will live with an Amish community in Ohio to learn how they do construction. Vanilla Ice already has a renovation series on the network that will return for its fourth season this fall.

Reverend Run of Run DMC will have a series next year starring with his wife and three children as they renovate their home.

Keeping with the music theme, DIY will also feature Daryl Hall next year as he renovates a farmhouse in Connecticut.

Having discovered a passion for original craftsmanship now that he’s no longer making music, Vanilla Ice will expand on his second life as a home renovator, lighting designer, and real estate advisor with the equally frozen-in-time counsel of the Amish, signing on to star in the DIY Network series Vanilla Ice Goes Amish later this year. Ice—who does have some previous experience going ninja, at least—will “go Amish” by living with another group that likes to turn off the lights and glow, and who go to the extreme of Mennonite doctrine: an Amish community in Ohio. There they’ll educate Mr. Ice in the old-fashioned ways of Amish construction, as well as the more traditional methods of waxing a chump like a candle, such as using only hand-dipped beeswax. Presumably one future episode will also feature Vanilla Ice being shown how to make a Queen Anne chair, then sticking an extra leg on it and passing it off as his own.