In a galaxy fur fur away.... Meet the hilarious Star Wars dogs

The force is definitely strong with this lot of adorable pooches.

Barking-mad Star Wars fans are now being offered the chance to dress their dogs up as characters from the blockbuster science fiction films.

Pet owners can take their pick from a 'realistic' range of canine costumes including galactic super villain Darth Vader and Jedi master Yoda.

The Empire Bites Back: A dog models the latest Darth Vader costume (left) and the science fiction super villain himself (right)

Princess Fleia: And here's the loveable mutt as the films' heroine originally played by Carrie Fisher (right)

A Princess Leia costume based on the character played by Carrie Fisher comes complete with a wig her iconic double bun hairstyle.

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And a sleek greyhound was deemed the perfect choice to be transformed into an At-At walker - the terrifying four-legged robots from the Empire Strikes back.

Other costumes include a 'Dewback', a 'Bantha', and a Tauntaun which all come with riders mounted on the4ir backs.

Each costume is available to pre-order online at Costume Craze and will arrive this summer.

Joining the bark side: A greyhound models an At-At walker costume

Storm poopers: A terrier dressed as a 'Tauntaun' creature with a Luke Skywalker doll (left) and a 'Dewback' dog (right) complete with Imperial Storm Trooper rider

Star paws: Another mutt models a 'Bantha' costume

Spot the difference: A dog dresses up as alien Jedi master Yoda