Florida accountant 'stole $170K from her boss

A former accountant is accused of stealing nearly $170,000 from her boss to pay for her breast implants, furniture and a divorce.

Volusia County Sheriff's deputies say it was a $1,000 discrepancy that finally tipped Steffani Lariscy's boss in Florida to her six-digit theft that accumulated over a three-year period.

The 37-year-old was arrested in North Carolina on Thursday after allegedly making a run for it when confronted for what was thought to be a much smaller $1,000 theft at Robbins Camper Sales in Ormond Beach.

Extra numbers: Former accountant Steffani Lariscy has been arrested in North Carolina after allegedly stealing $169,822.63 from her boss in Florida over a three-year period

The store's owner now says that $1,000 theft quickly turned into $11,000 before eventually $169,822.63 was discovered missing from April of 2009 to February 2012.

An anonymous source told investigators 'Lariscy had a lot of unexplained cash at her house and had been bragging about it.

'The tipster also said that Lariscy had bought some new furniture and also had spent $7,000 on breast implants,' the sheriff's department reports.

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Lariscy's boss says it was an $11,000 camper sold to a buyer in cash last year that tipped him off to her theft after only seeing $10,000 marked in his record books.

He said Lariscy was to deposit the money the next day in their bank account but after reviewing the business records and seeing it short $1,000 he went to the bank which revealed that none of the cash made it into the company account.

Not adding up: The owner of Robbins Camper Sales says it was $1,000 missing from his record books that finally tipped him off to her alleged crimes

Lariscy told him she didn't know anything about the missing money when confronted but promised to look into it, he said.

Later when he went to retrieve a hand-written deposit slip from their deposit registry to show to Lariscy, he says it had been torn from their books.

After confronting her again he says this time she fessed up to taking the money saying she needed it to help her pay for her divorce.

She said she planned to return it in time.

It was after the owner admitted that he was considering going to the police that she fled according to the sheriff’s department.Investigators later discovered the near $170,000 sum missing from his accounts.