Don't give up the day job: Chinese zookeepers swap

As they usher the fearsome creature into a corner and prepare the net, the team of zookeepers approach the beast from all angles in an attempt to counter its violent tendencies.

But while it is always reassuring to know zookeepers are well prepared in case of any emergency, in this instance the animal on the loose is not a bear or a lion, but it is in fact a member of staff dressed in a bright orange dragon costume.

Still, colleagues at the Taiyuan zoo, in the Shanxi province of China, are not allowing that fact to prevent them from taking their job as seriously as if it was a real animal stalking the area.

The fearsome creature can be seen crawling along the floor after escaping from its cage

Zookeepers approach the dragon from all angles in their attempt to capture it during an emergency drill

Staff bring in the net as they close in on capturing the dragon

Once captured the dragon can be taken away back to the safety of its own cage

The zookeepers make sure all the angles are covered as they approach the 'dragon' from above as well as on the ground, armed with a huge net.

Staff at the zoo carried out a series of emergency drills to simulate what would happen if any of the animals escaped.

To avoid the risk of any real harm coming to visitors or staff however, the zoo decided to ask people to dress up as a bizarre range of creatures in order to carry out the drills.

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In one instance a member of staff donned a grey outfit complete with bright pink and white striped and yellow horns, along with what appears to be the face of Mickey Mouse.

The strange creature was seen attempting to evade staff near the zoo's alpaca section.

It can be seen to be attempting to make its escape on all fours, but is swiftly surrounded by the zoo's staff.

An odd-looking grey creature attempts to evade staff as an alpaca watches on in the background

The team surround the horned animal as they attempt to stop it from escaping

Elsewhere, a 'bear' had to be subdued after it started attacking zookeepers from the confines of its own cage.

It can be seen to be grabbing one staff member by the collar of his camouflage jacket as his colleagues attempt to get him free.

The dragon meanwhile was successfully captured by the team of zookeepers who stopped him in his tracks with the large net.

A vicious 'bear' grabs one of the zookeepers by his collar - fortunately he is wearing a crash helmet

Members of staff dressed up as animals as the zoo carried out a series of emergency drills