Cat on a hot-PLATE: Does any pet really need protective boots

Curiosity will no longer necessarily kill the cat.

Thanks to these groundbreaking kitten mittens, cats investigating dangerous hot hobs and other kitchen surfaces will not burn themselves - as long as they remember to put their heatproof boots on.

The launch of the bespoke boots comes after a survey found 43 per cent of all cat owners worry that their kitchens are unsafe for their beloved pets.

Smart: Mischief the cat modeling his bespoke heatproof 'Kitten Mittens'

Snug fit: Inquisitive Mischief the cat will no longer scald his paws when he goes to investigate what's cooking in the kitchen

Owners such as housewife Jackie Cable find that their curious cats ended up burning their paws when seeing what's for dinner.

Her pet Mischief regularly lives up to his name as he clambers on to the ceramic kitchen hob.

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Mrs Cable, 35, from Newbury in Berkshire, said: 'My cat means the world to me, but cooking anything when he is around is a nightmare.

'He gets under your feet when he senses food is being prepared.

'Several times Mischief has hopped up on to the ceramic cooking plate and burnt his paws quite badly.

'Once I had to take him to the vet as the burns were so bad they caused a cyst.'

Mischief's new mittens means he now is free to explore the kitchen without the risk of scalding himself.

Mrs Cable added: 'He is happy to wear them and it's a big relief to know he is safe, particularly because of how badly burned his paws used to get.'

The survey, of 2,000 pet owners, was carried out by takeaway service Just Eat on Facebook to mark National Pet Month. Just Eat said it made the boots for Mrs Cable after she got in touch with them following the Facebook poll.

Safe at last: Housewife Jackie Cable, with Mischief, can finally relax about him snooping around the kitchen thanks to his bespoke boots

Innovative: The boots were launched after a survey showed cat owners are concerned about their dangerous kitchen surfaces

Alongside scorching hobs, pet owners were most worried about spilling boiling water (72 per cent) or trampling their cats underfoot (70 per cent) in the kitchen.

It also found exposure to the oven (55 per cent), falling knives (52 per cent) and the risk of electric shocks (25 per cent) are among their biggest concerns.

One in five (18 per cent) even admit putting themselves in danger to save their pet from harm in the kitchen.

Sheila Merrill, public health adviser at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: 'Personal safety is important in all walks of life and more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else.

'Pets and children should be kept well out of harm's way, particularly in the kitchen, where there are multiple hazards.'

1. Spilled boiling water (72 per cent)
2. Getting trampled underfoot (70 per cent)
3. Exposure to a hot oven (55 per cent)
4. Falling knives (52 per cent)
5. Ceramic / flat hobs that don't cool down instantly when switched off (40 per cent)
6. Falling dishes full of food (32 per cent)
7. Getting an electric shock (25 per cent)
8. Being hit by a door / chair etc. (21 per cent)
9. Getting stuck in a cupboard (13 per cent)
10. Falling chopping boards (10 per cent)