New Kid quits mid-show at Latest News #Sunday April 7, 2013

New Kid quits mid-show, A New Kid quits mid-show at an iHeartRadio New Kids on the Block concert in New York City. According to on April 6, Jonathan Knight sent out a tweet later in the evening apologizing for leaving the concert.

While it sounds bad that one New Kid quits mid-show at a concert for their fans, there is actually a sad reason for the abrupt decision to walk off the stage. Jonathan Knight suffers from anxiety and panic disorders, one of the reasons he chose to stop his musical career to begin with. He even tweeted before coming out to perform that he felt "naked."

During the concert, the New Kids were singing old and new songs, and at about the 20 minute mark of the concert, it was time for Jonathan to sing part of one of the band's new songs. Donnie Wahlberg told Jordan Knight to pull him brother into their circle so he could do his solo part while his band mates surrounded him in unity.

Jonathan began to attempt to sing, but then nervously laughed. Donnie tried to joke it off, by telling Jonathan that the people paid thousands of dollars just to hear him sing. However, Jonathan backed up and then quickly walked off the stage and never returned. Jordan looked worried when his brother, a New Kid, quit mid-show, while Donnie and Joey McIntyre looked like they were discussing it. The band then transitioned into a greatest hits song and finished the concert without him.

The fans were all cool, chanting him name throughout the show, but Jonathan never returned. He told Oprah Winfrey years ago that he suffered from panic attacks and always grew nervous and afraid of new situations. While some may diss the New Kid for quitting mid-show, anxiety disorder is a rough affliction and luckily his band mates knew he needed time alone while they finished without him.