Nashville plane crash: 4 person in crash after plane had lost altitude

The Nashville plane crash has left 4 person killed this week. A small plane was said to have lost altitude and struck a parking lot near a YMCA center, causing what one witness called the “largest fire” she had ever seen. Fox News confirms this Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, that the fatal accident occurred Monday night, killing all members aboard the flight and damaging a number of cars below.

The Nashville plane crash continues to be examined by local authorities, but it is believed that a total of 4 people aboard the plane were all members of the same family. The flying object struck not far from a YMCA (the Y) center in Bellevue. Officers from Nashville will not be releasing any of the identities of the victims until they can be verified, while no individuals on the ground at the time of the sudden impact were injured when the plane fell.

During its fatal descent, police have reported that the plane was grazing trees near the YMCA before finally slamming into the ground at the far edge of the parking lot. It is believed that all 4 family members were killed on impact, as the sheer force of the collision was enough to send littered plane wreckage within a range of 80 yards. A massive fire was also said to have erupted once the flight struck ground.

According to the press release on the Nashville plane crash:

“The plane was a Gulfstream 690C that departed from Great Bend Municipal Airport in Great Bend, Kan., at 2:45 p.m. and crashed 10 miles south of John C. Tune Airport in Nashville about 5 p.m. The flight was bound for John C. Tune Airport but missed its first approach and was preparing for a second one when the aircraft crashed, Nashville Police asserted.”

One female witness to the crash said that the accident had caused the “largest fire” she had ever seen. While studying in a nearby Starbucks, she said that the YMCA’s indoor swimming pool only barely avoided getting hit. A number of people in the store came running out to see the blazing fire and high columns of smoke rising into the air.

"It looked like someone had poured gasoline on a bonfire," the witness noted. "It was probably the largest fire I have ever seen in my life."

No YMCA members were hurt in the Nashville plane crash either, confirmed a spokeswoman for the center. However, the area was immediately evacuated, as the frightening incident was said to have occurred at what are usually the peak hour times at the gym locale.

Federal investigators are currently examining the situation and what might have caused the tragic crash.