Manhattan meteor

Manhattan meteor, The fireball as seen by Tom Hopkins of Hopkins Automotive Group in Maryland (AP Photo/Hopkins Automotive Group)
Manhattan meteor, Last night on Social networking Twitter as well as Facebook lit up with word that a meteor had passed over Manhattan around 8 p.m. Since we were too busy catching up on Law & Order: SVU re-runs, we missed it entirely. But some people claimed to have captured video of the meteor passing over Manhattan—except the video below is actually from Virginia. But hey, it's still a cool video!
There was a photo being passed around social media that unfortuantely was fake. And there was also this video, which most people seem to agree isn't real (or at least wasn't from last night):
But a woman in Maryland did get footage of it on her security camera:
According to The American Meteor Society, the meteor was actually more of a fireball—a fireball is a meteor that is larger than normal (most meteors are only the size of a pebble), which means it was way more badass. They added that they had received more than 500 reports of the fireball along the east coast, and also, it was not really that close:
Meteors often appear much closer than they really are. There is often a common misconception that the object appeared nearby when in fact the actual flight path was several hundred miles away and was witnessed over several states. It is your perspective that makes meteors appear to strike the horizon when in fact they are still high in the atmosphere.
Donald Yeomans, manager of NASA's Near-Earth Object Program, told The Associated Press that though meteor showers are not that rare, "it's unusual to have so many people see it." Unless there was some sort of alien event last night, and everyone who saw it has been blasted with one of those Men In Black memory neuralyzers. This guy knows what we're talking about.

Marines ID Gunman, 2 Victims in Va. Base Shooting

A Marine who shot two of his colleagues to death and then killed himself was a tactics instructor at a school that tests Marines who want to become officers, military officials said Saturday.

Sgt. Eusebio Lopez, 25, gunned down 19-year-old Lance Cpl. Sara Castromata and Cpl. Jacob Wooley, 23, on Thursday night inside barracks at the Marine Corps Base Quantico in northern Virginia. Other than to say the three Marines worked together at the school, military officials have not described their relationship or released a motive for the shooting.

Lopez, of Pacifica, Calif., was a teacher whose specialty was machine gunner. He joined the corps in May 2006 and deployed in support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Teen accidentally kills brother, Kid Shot Dead

Teen accidentally kills brother, 12-year-old boy was dead after he was accidentally shot by his 16-year-old brother in their Lake Nona home, Orlando police said.

The 16-year-old will not face charges, Sgt. Jim Young, an Orlando police spokesman, said late Friday. But an investigation continues.

It was the second time this week that guns in the hands of minors had a tragic ending in Orange County.

On Wednesday, a 4-year-old Pine Hills boy shot himself in the face in the condominium where he lived with his family, the Orange County Sheriff's Office said.

The 4-year-old is stable but critical after the shooting Wednesday morning inside a unit in the Los Robles Condominiums on Silver Star Road.

The shooting Friday took place in the 9900 block of Portofino Drive in the Nonacrest subdivision about 2:20 p.m.

"This is everybody's business because it's in our neighborhood," said Ana McKitterick, whose son used to ride the school bus to Lake Nona Middle School with the victim.

The boy was rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, where he was pronounced dead within hours.

"As a parent, it breaks your heart," said McKitterick, who has lived in the gated community for about a year. "It's very sad."

Other residents in the Lake Nona community said they did not know the family very well and were shocked to see such a significant police presence in the usually peaceful subdivision.

"This neighborhood is very quiet," said Pedro Feliciano, who has lived in the area for about two years.

The boys' parents were not home at the time of Friday's shooting, investigators said. However, officers plan to meet with the State Attorney's Office to determine whether there was any negligence, Young said.

Authorities would not release the name the 16-year-old or the shooting victims in either case.

The 4-year-old boy injured Wednesday is expected to survive.

Brown student missing

Brown student missing, Brown University student Sunil Tripathi was last seen Saturday morning on Brown campus on the East Side of Providence at around 11:00 am. Since then police and federal authorities have sought help. Now, his parents have issued an important statement.

Statement from the Tripathi Family:
Contact: Sangeeta Tripathi,, (917) 774-9208

Authorities, family, and friends are searching for a 22-year-old Brown University student. Sunil Tripathi was last seen Saturday morning on Brown campus on the East Side of Providence at around 11:00 am. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a black Eastern Mountain Sports ski jacket, glasses, and a Philadelphia Eagles wool hat. He is six feet tall and weighs 130 pounds.

Family and friends are working with the Providence Police and the Brown University Department of Pubic Safety to find Sunil. The FBI has joined the greater Providence community to assist in the investigation. We are focusing on the greater Providence area, where flyers have been posted and media has dedicated extensive press coverage. The search is expanding outside of Providence to Boston, Connecticut, New York, and Philadelphia. Family and friends are grateful to all those assisting in this search for Sunil.

Momentum in the search is growing. Former and current classmates, friends, extended family, the loving Brown community and the larger Providence community and law enforcement all continue to mobilize. Please join us and spread the word, post flyers, and look for updates on a public Facebook page, “Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi.” In the past 24 hours, more than 30,000 have joined us to view or repost these search pages.

Sunil grew up in Radnor, Pennsylvania and has been living in Providence since 2008. He is a talented musician, a saxophonist, a philosophy major, a critical thinker, and a kind quiet son and brother. We miss his warm smile and generous gentle spirit so very much. Your help and prayers to find him mean so much.

Rapper wanted for assault, Hitting Fan with Bottle

Rapper wanted for assault, Rapper Stage-name Gucci Mane is an American rapper this Saturday, March 23, Gucci Mane has been accused of hitting a fan in the head with a bottle of champagne recently at an Atlanta nightclub.

The headline reading, “Gucci Mane: Rapper wanted for assault at nightclub”, Fox noted that local authorities are responding to charges filed from James Lettley, a former fan of the rapper, in an assault case.

Lettley stated that he tried talking with Gucci Mane this March 16 at the VIP section of an Atlanta nightclub when the rapper (actual name Radric Davis) didn’t take kindly to the conversation.

Police officials affirm that the rapper wanted for assault is now being accused of striking Lettley on the head with a champagne bottle when he would not let him be at the locale, leaving a serious wound. The man was later transported to a Memorial Hospital following the incident to have the gash treated.

A warrant has now been issued for Gucci Mane on charges of aggravated assault. It is not yet known if the rapper acquired an attorney in the case yet, and calls to both Davis and the accuser have not received a response yet.

Rapper wanted for assault

Rapper wanted for assault, Radric Davis better known by his stage name Gucci Mane, is an American rapper. An arrest warrant was issued for Gucci Mane after his fan told police the rapper hit him in the head with a champagne bottle at a downtown Atlanta nightclub.

James Lettley, of Fort Hood, Texas, said he was in Atlanta for his birthday and heard that the rapper -- whose real name is Radric Davis -- was going to be at the Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge promoting a new mixtape.

Lettley, 32, said Saturday he wanted to get a picture with the rapper and was talking to a security guard when he was hit March 16.

"Once he struck me in my head, I looked at him in a state of shock and looked at him like `why?"' Lettley said. He said he was then hit in his face by a second man and left the club.

Police said the assault appeared to be unprovoked and caused a severe gash to Lettley's head.

He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital and said he had to get 10 stitches. Police said the rapper may have taken off in a white Chevrolet Tahoe.

Lyon said a warrant has been issued for aggravated assault. Calls to numbers listed for Davis were not returned Saturday. It's unclear if the rapper has an attorney.

A baby has been shot: one woman said in a 911 call

The fatal shooting of a 13-month-old boy in his stroller marked the second time mother Sherry West lost a son to violence, she said Saturday.

Her 18-year-old son was stabbed to death in 2008 in New Jersey, she told CNN.

"This is the second child that people have taken from me in a tragic way," West said. "I'm so afraid to have any more babies now. I tried to raise really good kids in a wicked world."

The day after two teenage boys were arrested and charged in the fatal shooting of her baby, West said she was planning to leave Brunswick and return to New Jersey. The boy's father has also been emotionally distraught, West said.

Russian tycoon found dead

Russian tycoon found dead, The exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has been found dead at his home outside London.

A police investigation has been launched into the death of the 67-year-old - a wanted man in Russia, and an opponent of President Vladimir Putin.

A former Kremlin power-broker whose fortunes declined under Mr Putin, Mr Berezovsky emigrated to the UK in 2000.

Thames Valley Police said the death, at a property in Ascot, Berkshire, was being treated as unexplained.

The area around the property has been cordoned off to allow the investigation to take place, the force said.

The inquiry was at a very early stage and more details will be released when available, it added.

A South Central Ambulance Service spokeswoman said it had been called to the property at 15:18 GMT.

"We sent a number of ambulance officers and an ambulance to the address. The 67-year-old male was confirmed deceased at the scene," she said.

Last year, Mr Berezovsky lost a £3bn ($4.7bn) damages claim against Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich.

Mr Berezovsky claimed he had been intimidated by Mr Abramovich into selling shares in Russian oil giant Sibneft for a "fraction of their true worth".

The allegations were completely rejected by the London Commercial Court judge, who called Mr Berezovsky an "inherently unreliable" witness.
BBC world affairs reporter Richard Galpin said sources have told him that Mr Berezovsky was depressed after the loss of the court case and was under financial pressure.

The tycoon's wealth is thought to have considerably diminished in recent years, leaving him struggling to pay debts in the wake of costly court cases.

Mr Berezovsky had made his fortune in the 1990s selling imported Mercedes as well as Russian-made cars.

He was one of the first Russian oligarchs - a tiny group of tycoons who at the end of communism used their connections to become rich almost overnight.

Later owning Sibneft, the national airline Aeroflot, and as primary shareholder in Russia's main television channel, he supported Boris Yeltsin's rise to power, enjoying huge influence during this era.

Mr Berezovsky survived numerous assassination attempts, including a bomb that decapitated his chauffeur.

During the later years of Yeltsin's presidency, Mr Berezovsky was part of the leader's inner circle as deputy secretary of Russia's security council.

"Boris Berezovsky was one of the most powerful men in Russia back in the 1990s," said the BBC's Moscow correspondent, Steve Rosenberg.

"He rose from being a mathematician, a computer programmer and a used car salesman, to being such an influential figure in Boris Yeltsin's Russia."

He then played a role in Mr Putin's rise in the late-1990s, before the new president moved to curb the political ambitions of Russia's oligarchs.

Leaving Russia for self-imposed exile in the UK, Mr Berezovsky became one of Mr Putin's fiercest critics.

But our correspondent said that on Saturday, a spokesman for Mr Putin said that Mr Berezovsky had sought the president's permission to return to Russia.

Actress Sleeps in Box, Tilda Swinton in BOX

Actress Sleeps in Box, Actress Katherine Mathilda "Tilda" Swinton is an English actress known for both arthouse and mainstream films was making an unannounced performance of her 1995 piece The Maybe right now at the Musuem of Modern Art in Manhattan. She'll do it on random days over the next month, and even the museum staff won't know she's coming til the night before.

"She's there today. She'll be there the whole day. All that's in the box is cushions and a water jug," a MoMA source told Gothamist.......complex.

Swinton, 52, first did the performance piece at London's Serptentine Gallery in collaboration with British sculptor Cornelia Parker and actress Joanna Scanlan in 1995; she slept in the glass box for a week. In 1996 she repeated the performance in Rome at the Museo Barracco.

MoMA said the whole point is that there isn't a schedule, a press release, or artist statement. "Those who find it chance upon it for themselves, live and in real—shared—time: now we see it, now we don't," is all they would say.

Swinton won Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards in 2007 for Michael Clayton. More recently, she played a social worker in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.

This week, she made a speech at the opening of the David Bowie exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London—she plays his wife in his new music video for "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)", presumably quashing the internet theory that Bowie and Swinton are actually the same person.

Teen accidentally kills brother

Teen accidentally kills brother, 12-year-old Orlando, Fla. Child is dead after his 16-year-old brother accidentally shot him with a gun.

Under the headline, “Teen accidentally kills brother, police say”, the Orlando Sentinel adds that although the boy was quickly taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital, he was unable to be revived and was pronounced dead from the gunshot wound.

Local officials have deemed that the brother’s shooting was an accident, and the older teen is not expected to face any charges in the boy’s death.

"Detectives will be meeting at a later date with the State Attorneys Office to discuss the case and decide if there is any negligence," said Orlando Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jim Young. "The family is fully cooperating with the investigation; however, they are requesting privacy."

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that gun violence in the Orlando area has tragically struck youth this week. Fox News added that a Pine Hills boy, only four years old, is still in critical condition after he found a loaded gun and shot himself in the head this Wednesday morning.

Police are still investigating how the child came in contact with the gun. This disturbing news only seems to highlight the importance of keeping guns away from both the very young and teens to keep them safe from such accidents.

Actress sleeps in box

Actress sleeps in box, As if starring in David Bowie music videos wasn't already the coolest, Tilda Swinton has currently taken up residency sleeping at MoMA. It's part of an unannounced, surprise performance piece called "The Maybe" that will be taking place on random days all month. A MoMA source told us, "Museum staff doesn't know she's coming until the day of, but she's here today. She'll be there the whole day. All that's in the box is cushions and a water jug."

"Tilda Swinton will be doing unannounced, random performance art pieces sleeping in a glass box in the museum," the source added. "Today is the first performance. Each performance lasts the whole day the museum is open." Swinton and her box are located near the ticket collectors today, but the box may be in different locations at other performances.

"The Maybe" was first performed in London in 1995 at the Serpentine Gallery; Swinton conceived the performance piece, and asked artist Cornelia Parker to collaborate on the installation. Swinton later re-performed the piece in the Museo Barracco in Rome. Here's what the museum has to say about the piece:
An integral part of The Maybe's incarnation at MoMA in 2013 is that there is no published schedule for its appearance, no artist's statement released, no no museum statement beyond this brief context, no public profile or image issued. Those who find it chance upon it for themselves, live and in real—shared—time: now we see it, now we don't.

For more awesome Swinton action, check out the speech about Bowie that she gave at the opening of the huge Victoria and Albert Museum "David Bowie Is" exhibit this week.

Update: Here's what the identification card says:

via gallerinaoffduty's Instagram

Eva Mendes shock collar

Eva Mendes shock collar, The Acstress Confeses to David letterman that she's tested her dog's shock collar on heself, Read what she felt like.

Eva Mendes will not subject her pet to anything she wouldn't do on herself.

The actress appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night and while talking about her beloved "attack dog," a Belgian Malinois named Hugo, Mendes made a shocking revelation.

"All he wants to do is prove his love to me, you know, all he wants to do is kill for me. It's so sweet," the star said, but added that she doesn't necessarily want him to kill any critters for her, so she uses something to help her out.

Liam Payne's new puppy gets death threats from fans!

"I'd feel terrible if he hurt a little thing so I try to get in there and I use—people always get mad at me for this—but I use a shock collar on him," Eva admitted, "and I have the remote. But I've tried it on myself at all levels. I swear!"

She went on to explain that collar levels range from 0-110 (yikes!), and although it goes around her dog's neck, she tested it on another part of her body, and tried her best to explain the sensation.

"I do not do it on my neck. I tested it on my arm. It's more than a tingle, it's way more than tingle. Oh, remember when we were kids and we had that jokey thing where you shake hands and ahh that thing? It's like that but intensified the higher you go with the levels."

Seth Meyers rumor

Seth Meyers rumor, Meyers is the focus of a rumor that he will be the replacement for Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night," as Fallon is touted to be moving to replace Jay Leno on his talk show.

According to numerous publications on Friday Seth Meyers is being touted as the perfect replacement for Fallon.

Page Six has reported that an unnamed source has said, "Lorne Michaels wants Seth to take over from Fallon. It would be perfect for him. Tina Fey's name had also come up, but she has said she was too busy to do it."

However, Seth Meyers was already asked whether he would be interested in taking over from Fallon by The New York Times' Bill Carter earlier this week. He responded without giving too much away and not elaborating more than saying, "Nobody could do that job as well as Jimmy Fallon."

Meyers name is being touted as he has a similar professional background to Fallon, as both found fame on "Saturday Night Live" in the Weekend Update anchor chair.

They even worked at the same time on SNL as cast members from 2001 to 2004.

Most seem to believe that Seth Meyers would be a perfect fit and cause the least disruption for the show, and would maintain the popular format that Fallon has put in place.

Others have said that the transition from "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" to "Late Night With Seth Meyers" would be effortless given that Lorne Michaels produces both "Late Night" and "Saturday Night Live." In addition, both shows are shot at 30 Rockefeller Center.

The rumors about Meyers comes as Jay Leno looks increasingly likely to make an exit in the near future from "The Tonight Show."

Friction between Leno and NBC executives have been rumored to be on the increase over recent weeks. Recently Leno called NBC executives "snakes" despite reportedly already being warned earlier this month after making some jokes at their expense.

Leno used his monologue section on the show to make fun of NBC executives saying, "Well you know the whole legend of St. Patrick, right? St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, and then they came here to the United States and became NBC executives … It's a fascinating, fascinating story."

J. Lo Chris Brow, C. Breezy & Jenny Hit studio

J. Lo Chris Brown, Supposed new collaboration have not yet been released, we can decipher the hashtags "#studiolife", "#Album10″ and "#makinghistory" and assume the duo are working on new material for J.Lo's upcoming 10th album (which the singer thinks will "make history").

Also, her hashtag "SAMEGIRL" may be an indication of her new album's title, especially considering it falls in line with J.Lo's history of claiming she's kept true to her Bronx roots, notes

The man on the other side of the "On the Floor" singer, is record producer Cory Rooney of "Cory Rooney Group" who has worked with artists like Mariah Carey & Mary J. Blige.

Rooney also recently posted a picture on his Instagram with J.Lo & Chris Brown, captioned: "S**t got real serious up in here tonight..."

Collaborations aren't uncommon for the seasoned artist who has worked with hip-hop artists like Pitbull, Flo Rida, Lil Wayne, and even Ja Rule back in the day.

As for Lopez's new album, J.Lo has been hinting at "Album 10" since 2013 started, tweeting:

"Anybody else excited about a new year starting!! I am!! #newheights #infinitepossibilities #Parker #Album10 #2013ismine #letsgetit :)"

She was also recently in the lab with her Epic Records labelmate "Future" working on the new project, due later this year, says RapUp.

On Feb 26th, Cory Rooney posted another teaser picture with "Jen and "Future".... It's gonna be crazy!!" captioned under the photo.

Jennifer Lopez has been hard at work on her newest album since January when producer 'RedOne' told MTV that the "amazing" new record will combine a mix of genres she's covered in the past, including dance, Latin, and hip-hop. "It's a very special album," he said. "It feels like this album, to us, has to have everything about her, not just one thing."

The best part? J.Lo's music style for "Album10" will apparently be very reminiscent of her "Im Real" sound back in the day when she paired with rapper Ja Rule in their beloved duet in 2001. Over a decade later, we are waiting to "Dance Again" with the "rea"l Jenny from the Block who we knew and loved.

White supremacist killed

White supremacist killed, white supremacist ex-convict who died in a roadside gun battle with Texas police was being investigated for possible links to the deaths of a Colorado prisons chief and a pizza delivery man, law enforcement officials said on Friday.

Police said that Evan Spencer Ebel, a 28-year-old parolee from Denver killed by police on Thursday after a high-speed car chase through Decatur, Texas, was being investigated in connection with the death of Tom Clements, executive director of the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Clements, 58, was shot dead on Tuesday when he answered the door at his home near the community of Monument, in El Paso County about 45 miles south of Denver.

Denver police have named Ebel as a suspect in the killing of pizza delivery man Nathan Leon in Denver two days earlier.

Ebel was a member of a white supremacist prison gang, the 211 Crew, and had been paroled in the Denver area, a law enforcement official said.

The Hornady 9-mm bullets Ebel fired at Texas police were the same brand as those used in the killing of Clements, Denver television station KCNC-TV reported on Friday, citing a search warrant affidavit filed in Texas for police to search Ebel's Cadillac.

In the car's trunk, there was a pizza deliverer's shirt or jacket, the station reported, citing court documents.

The El Paso County (Colorado) Sheriff's Office said in a statement late on Friday that bullet casings collected at the scene in Texas would be sent to the state crime lab to determine if the same weapon was used to kill Clements.

Authorities were also looking for ties between the death of Clements and the January killing of Mark Hasse, a prosecutor in the Kaufman County District Attorney's Office. Kaufman County is east of Dallas.

The January 31 killing of Hasse occurred the same day the U.S. Department of Justice revealed that the Kaufman County District Attorney's Office was among the agencies involved in a racketeering case against the Aryan Brotherhood white supremacist group.

"The Dallas and Denver offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are comparing the homicides of Mark Hasse and Tom Clements to determine if there is any evidence linking the two crimes," Kaufman Police Chief Chris Aulbaugh said in a statement.


In Texas, Ebel shot and wounded a Montague County sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop and fled. He led police on a car chase that ended when his car, with Colorado plates, collided with an 18-wheeler truck.

Ebel died at a Fort Worth hospital of a single gunshot wound to the forehead, the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office said.

"I do know that he has a lengthy criminal history," said Sheriff David Walker of Wise County in Texas, whose deputies were involved in the car chase.

Investigators looking into the death of Clements went to Decatur, Texas, to examine Ebel's Cadillac, said Jeff Kramer, spokesman for the El Paso County sheriff in Colorado.

According to Colorado court records, Ebel was arrested at least seven times between 2003 and 2010 for crimes including burglary, weapons possession, assault, menacing and robbery.

"He clearly was a troubled young man, but there was nothing that would have suggested he was capable of these types of incidents," Denver-based attorney Scott Robinson, who represented Ebel in four cases in 2004, told Reuters.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper confirmed news reports that he was a friend of the parolee's father, Jack Ebel, who he said he met while working for an oil company soon after moving to the state about 30 years ago.

"Although Jack loved his son, he never asked me to intervene on his behalf and I never asked for any special treatment for his son," Hickenlooper said in a statement released on Friday.

Hickenlooper said that Evan Ebel had served every day of his original sentence and was released on "mandatory parole at the end of the time he was ordered to be incarcerated."

Mark Potok, senior fellow with the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, said the 211 Crew, also known as the Aryan Alliance, was founded in 1995 by Colorado prison inmate Benjamin Davis.

Davis is serving a 108-year sentence after his conviction for racketeering, conspiracy and other charges under the state's Organized Crime Control Act.

"The group started out as a protective group, but quickly morphed into a criminal enterprise," Potok said, adding that the 211s are known for the "harshness" of their discipline, he said.

He said the 211s were a "blood in, blood out" gang, meaning a prospective member must commit a violent act at the direction of one of the gang's higher-ups, or "shot callers."

Once paroled 211 members are on the street they are expected to start earning money, usually through criminal activity, and forward the proceeds to incarcerated gang leaders, Potok said.

J. Lo Chris Brown

J. Lo Chris Brown, rumors are beginning to circulate after J.Lo tweeted a picture of herself and Chris Brown at the recording studio. MSN reported on Friday, March 22 that J.Lo tweeted the picture on Thursday hinting that she and Chris Brown are up to something musically together.

J.Lo's caption of the photo read,"@chrisbrown @CORYROONEY @BEAUcasperSMART @missgillygrace #studiolife #makinghistory #Album10 #SAMEGIRL."

J.Lo dressed casually in the picture wearing jeans and a sweater, and was photographed leaning up against Chris Brown in a just having some fun kind of pose.

The other person seen in the J.Lo and Chris Brown picture is Cory Rooney, who is a songwriter and music producer, Rooney has worked with celebrity greats such as Destiny's Child, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez's ex husband Marc Anthony.

Cory Rooney also posted the photo of the himself, J.Lo and Chris Brown on his Tumblr page with the caption, "S--t got real serious up in here tonight..."

Since Rooney has worked a number of times with J.Lo on her hit songs , including "Jenny From the Block," "I'm Real," "If You Had my Love" and "Ain't it Funny," it just makes it easy to assume the three are collaborating on a new song together.

Jennifer Lopez most recent film work in "Parker," which was released on January 25. Her performance in the film generated positive reviews. The Chicago Tribune said that the role gave Lopez "an opportunity to be dramatic, romantic, funny, depressed, euphoric and violent.

At the 2013 Grammys held on February 10, Lopez also gained notoriety for wearing a "daring" black dress which revealed her "right leg all the way up to the hip", despite a dress code which had been issued by CBS earlier which forbid attendees from showing an excessive amount of skin.

Chris Brown's 6th album title ' X." is set for release on April 9, 2013.

What do you think about J.Lo and Chris Brown getting together to make some music, good, or bad idea?

Divorce $11.2 billion, Wife could get Billions

Divorce $11.2 billion, A contentious divorce involving an Oklahoma oil baron could potentially lead to a multibillion-dollar settlement for his estranged wife that would be the biggest in U.S. history.

Harold Hamm, 67, the chief executive of Continental Resources, is in the midst of divorce proceedings with his second wife, former Continental Resources executive Sue Ann Hamm. After filing for divorce on May 19, 2012, she has claimed in court documents that her husband was unfaithful during their marriage. He has acknowledged that the couple separated back in 2005, and the two have lived separate lives ever since.

Hamm is worth an estimated $11.3 billion and was No. 35 on last year’s list of the 50 richest Americans put out by Forbes. The potential settlement his wife could receive may exceed the more than $1.7 billion paid out in 1999 to Anna Murdoch, the ex-wife of News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, depending on whether or not there was a prenuptial agreement.

“This is the King Kong of divorce cases,’’ divorce attorney Raoul Felder told TODAY. “Vast fortune. Sue Ann stands to make lots and lots of money, more than what is really on the table.’’

The control of Continental Resources also could be at stake, as Harold has a 68 percent stake in the $11.2 billion company that could be considered marital property and divided up in a potential settlement. Since news of the divorce became public on Thursday, shares of Continental Resources have fallen by almost 3 percent.

Hamm was named one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine, and served as an energy adviser in Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. The couple married in 1988 and have two adult children. Harold Hamm also has three children from his first marriage, which ended in divorce in 1987.

The couple’s marriage has been tempestuous for the last 15 years. Harold filed for divorce in 1998 and ordered Sue Ann to undergo a psychological evaluation before he later withdrew the divorce petition, according to a report by Reuters. Sue Ann filed for divorce in 2005, but the case was dropped.

Divorce $11.2 billion

Divorce $11.2 billion, One of America’s wealthiest and most influential businessmen, Harold Hamm is embroiled in a contentious divorce that could lead to a record financial settlement and threaten his control of America’s fastest-growing oil company.

Sue Ann Hamm, Harold Hamm’s second wife and a former executive at Continental, filed for divorce on May 19, 2012, Oklahoma court records show……nypost.

Documents in the case are sealed. But in a March 7, 2013 filing obtained by Reuters, Sue Ann Hamm alleges that Harold “was having an affair” that she discovered in 2010, prompting her to later file for divorce.

Harold Hamm, 67, is a leading force behind the U.S. oil boom and served as the senior energy adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign. Time magazine named him one of the most influential people in the world, and Forbes listed him last year among the 50 richest Americans. Ranked No. 35, Hamm is worth $11.3 billion, the magazine estimated.

His estranged wife, Sue Ann Hamm, 56, has held key posts at Continental. She has led oil-industry trade groups in Oklahoma, testified to Congress on behalf of Continental and created Continental’s oil and gas marketing units. She is no longer with the company, her lawyer said.

The Hamms were married in April 1988 and have two adult children, Jane and Hilary. Harold Hamm has three children from a prior marriage that ended in divorce in 1987.
Whether the Hamms signed a prenuptial agreement is unclear. Legal analysts who reviewed court filings said that without one, the case could lead to a record-breaking financial settlement – one that could exceed the $1.7 billion paid by News Corp. founder and chairman Rupert Murdoch to ex-wife Anna in 1999. One outcome could be a split of “marital property” that may include dividing Harold Hamm’s controlling 68 percent stake in Continental, currently worth $11.2 billion.

“I don’t know of anything that’s ever been this big,” said Barbara Atwood, professor emeritus of family law at the University of Arizona. “There’s just so much money involved.”

Continental was subpoenaed in the case last summer, and it was ordered by the Oklahoma court to hand over documents late last year. Four other companies controlled by Hamm also were subpoenaed.

A review of Continental’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings and company statements shows no mention of the divorce proceedings. Although corporate governance scholars said Continental had no legal obligation to disclose the Hamms’ divorce proceedings to shareholders, “It’s a lawsuit that involves a potential impact on the controlling shareholder,” said Charles Elson, director of The Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware. “Certainly, it would be relevant to an investor if there is going to be or could be a shift in control.

Airport sign kills boy, Kid was Killed

Airport sign kills boy, ten-year-old boy was killed and four other people were injured when a 300-plus pound flight status board fell at the Birmingham airport Friday afternoon.

A mother her four children were trapped underneath the heavy board when it fell around 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud crash in the new terminal of the airport and people screaming as they scrambled to help the family trapped by the massive sign.

It took between eight to ten airport employees to lift it off of them, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Donald Jones said.

The injured children were transported to Children's of Alabama hospital for treatment and the mother was taken to an area hospital.

A spokesperson for Children's identified the child who died as Luke Bresette, age 10. He passed away at 2:26 p.m. at Children's of Alabama hospital.

There is no update on the conditions of Bresette's three other injured siblings. A UAB spokesperson says that the mother is in critical condition.

The flight status board, estimated to weigh between 300 and 400 pounds by a fire official, was in a pre-security section of the new terminal, which opened last week. The board was near the Southwest Airlines ticket counter.

The board that fell is currently laying down, surrounded by a barricade, near the wall where it was mounted.

TSA officials say airport crews are checking all of the other flight information signs to make sure they are secure. The workers have also placed barricades around all of the flight signs to keep passengers from getting too close to them.

A spokesperson for the airport, Toni Herrera-Bast, said airport officials don't know why the board fell, but they will investigate the matter.

Herrera-Bast said the airport was never closed to the public during the incident and all flights are still going on as normal.

Birmingham's Mayor William Bell released a statement about the incident, saying he has offered the city's "full support to the Airport Authority as they investigate what has occurred this afternoon."

Mayor Bell said he has asked the public safety staff to "assist this family in their time of need in any way possible as they grapple with what has happened."

FOX6 News reporters at the airport say that around 6 p.m. Friday, crews could be seen dismantling and removing the board that fell and injured the family.

Airport sign kills boy

Airport sign kills boy, Sign at Birmingham airport fell on a family Friday, killing a 10-year boy and injuring other family members.

Deputy Coroner Derrick Perryman said 10-year-old Luke Bresette was pronounced dead at Children's of Alabama. Two other children were being treated there, and the mother, Heather Bresette, was taken to University Hospital, where spokeswoman Nicole Wyatt said she was in critical condition. The coroner's office and the hospital did not disclose the family's hometown.

Firefighters estimated the arrival-departure sign weighed 300 to 400 pounds.

Albert Osorio, 46, of Birmingham told that he was close by when the sign fell. He said a loud boom was followed by screams from the family and witnesses. Then he and five other passers-by lifted off the sign.

"The whole thing flipped down on those kids. It took all of us here to stand it up," he said.

Airport spokeswoman Toni Herrera-Bast said officials aren't sure how the sign fell. She said it happened about 1:30 p.m. Friday in a pre-security area of the airport. The airport continued operating while rescue workers tended to the family.

The airport completed the first phase of a more than $201 million modernization effort and opened newly renovated concourses last week.

TSA officials say airport crews are checking all of the other flight information signs to make sure they are secure. The workers have also placed barricades around all of the flight signs to keep passengers from getting too close to them, reported.

A spokesperson for the airport, Toni Herrera-Bast, said airport officials don't know why the board fell, but they will investigate the matter.

Herrera-Bast said the airport was never closed to the public during the incident and all flights are still going on as normal.

Birmingham's Mayor William Bell released a statement about the incident, saying he has offered the city's "full support to the Airport Authority as they investigate what has occurred this afternoon."

Mayor Bell said he has asked the public safety staff to "assist this family in their time of need in any way possible as they grapple with what has happened."

Bon Jovi’s daughter, Heroin Overdose

Bon Jovi’s daughter, The 19-year-old daughter of rocker Jon Bon Jovi was arrested after allegedly overdosing on heroin.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was arrested early Wednesday morning, after cops responded to a dorm room at Hamilton College, in upstate New York, where a female had allegedly overdosed on heroin and was unresponsive. Volunteer medical personnel were already at the scene when police arrived.

Bongiovi was one of two college students arrested after a small amount of heroin was found at the scene.

The singer’s daughter was arrested on misdemeanor charges including possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and criminally using drug paraphernalia.

Bongiovi, who is currently at a hospital recovering, was eventually released from custody and will appear in court at a later date.

The college gave details about the charges in a statement sent to FOX 411, noting the school is assisting police with the ongoing investigation.

“On Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012, members of the Kirkland Police Department arrested two Hamilton College students. One was charged with possession of a controlled substance, 7th degree, and the second was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, 7th degree and possession of drug paraphernalia," the statement said. "All are misdemeanors. In addition to violating state law, the actions alleged to have been committed by the students violate Hamilton College policy. The college is cooperating with the police investigation."

Bongiovi is the only daughter of the “Livin' on a Prayer” singer, and is his oldest child with wife Dorothea Hurley.

Bon Jovi's rep had no comment on the incident.

Ex-NFL cheerleader arrested, on Sex Assault

Ex-NFL cheerleader arrested, cheerleader was arrested after grabbing a 12-year-old boy's organ and attempting to perform oral sex on him. On March 21, TMZ reported that Elizabeth Garner, 42, has been charged with aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor. Garner, who is (was?) married faces more than eight years in prison if she is convicted.

According to the report, Garner (who was a cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans through 2009) was at a party at the young boy's house when the incident occurred. She allegedly followed him in to a bathroom, touched him over his pants, and then asked him if he'd "ever been with a woman."

The ex-NFL cheerleader arrested posted $30,000 bond. She will be heading to court where she will try to hold up her end of the story -- that is that she was "drunk" and that she mistook the boy for someone else -- an adult male.

Report: Ex-NFL cheerleader arrested for molesting young boy

Elizabeth Garner faces very serious punishment for her actions. It is unknown if she has any children of her own, but if she does, her relationship with them will undoubtedly be jeopardized. As far as who was throwing the party and how Elizabeth wound up there (was it a friend of hers? A family member?), those details are unknown.

The ex-NFL cheerleader arrested has said that she is "innocent."

Ex-NFL cheerleader arrested

Ex-NFL cheerleader arrested, We're all accustomed to stories of pervy male adults raping and molesting young girls. But when we hear about a woman reportedly doing it -- it just boggles the mind. Yes, I know they do it. But still. You just don't expect it. Reportedly, a 42-year-old ex-NFL cheerleader named Elizabeth Garner was arrested after following a 12-year-old boy to the bathroom in the house where she was attending a party hosted by the boy's mother -- and some nasty stuff went down. So to speak. Listen.

Reportedly the woman, who cheered for the Tennessee Titans up until three years ago, followed the 12-year-old kid to the bathroom, grabbed his penis, and tried to perform oral sex on him. She also allegedly asked him if he'd ever been with a woman. Ewwww. Nooooo. So wrong.

The boy managed to escape her clutches and reported the incident to his mother, who called the police. Can you imagine being the mom at that party? It's amazing she didn't kill the woman. It must have taken every ounce of strength she had not to. Perhaps the boy waited until the woman left to reveal what happened.

Garner, however, denies the charges. She reportedly admitted she was drunk at the party and had confused the boy with another male adult in the house. Wow. That must be one very large kid. And even if you buy that explanation, it's still kind of gross when you consider that Garner is married.

I think there's a misconception that any 12-year-old boy would be thrilled if an older woman, a former cheerleader no less, tried to get busy with him. But this stereotype does a huge disservice to the emotional devastation wrought by sexual abuse -- which is equal for boys and girls.

Perhaps Garner was living in her own twisted fantasy version of American Pie. Perhaps she's just really, really messed up. I doubt her "I was too drunk to tell how old he is" defense will fly, but we shall see.

Do you think she could have mistaken the boy for an adult?

Bon Jovi’s daughter

Bon Jovi’s daughter, Atleast Four months after his life got turned upside down, Jon Bon Jovi talked about his daughter Stephanie Bongiovi's heroin overdose.

In an interview with Katie Couric on "Katie" last Friday (March 15), the famed singer spoke about the night he learned of what happened to his daughter in her Hamilton College dorm room, calling it the "worst phone call ever."

He then explained that until that night, he was unaware of his daughter's drug use and the scare they faced served as a wake up call for him. "The problem is much more prevalent than I know," the 51-year-old rocker said. "I cannot get over how many people I've met that said 'my son' or 'my daughter' … There is a lot of pressure on kids these days."

Bon Jovi quickly added that Stephanie, 19, is doing a lot better since her hospitalization. "She's doing great and I appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers," he said and added, "I'm just blessed she's healthy and whole, and we'll get through it."

Back in November 2012, police was called to Bongiovi's dorm room at the upstate New York liberal arts college she attended after she was found unresponsive. Emergency services found her alive, and officers sent to the dorm found a small amount of heroin.

A few weeks later, Bon Jovi made his first public comment regarding the incident. "I'm shocked as much as the next parent with this situation and had no idea," he told the AP at the time. "But then you surround them with best help and love and move on, and that's where we're at with it. Steph is a great kid."