Jailed for NRA T-shirt: Eighth-grader student charged

Jailed for NRA T-shirt, a West Virginia eighth-grader student has been charged with causing a disruption at his middle school after he refused to remove an NRA T-shirt that he wore.

The teenager was reportedly arrested and suspended last week after getting into an argument with his teacher about a National Rifle Association T-shirt he wore to school.

WOWK-TV reports that Jared Marcum faces charges of obstruction and disturbing the education process for refusing to change the shirt, which shows a rifle and the slogan, "protect your right."

Jared told the station the he was punished by officials at Logan Middle School after arguing about the shirt with his teacher, who reportedly objected to the image of the gun on the shirt.

"What they're doing is trying to take away my rights, my freedom of speech and my Second Amendment," Jared told the station.

Jared's father, Allen Lardieri, told WOWK-TV he is upset his son was briefly jailed for something he believes was blown out of proportion.

"I don't see how anybody would have an issue with a hunting rifle and NRA put on a T-shirt, especially when policy doesn't forbid it," Lardieri told the station.

A Logan County School District official refused a request for comment from WOWK-TV, but police in Logan confirmed Jared's arrest last Thursday.

On the first day of Jared's suspension, some of his friends reportedly wore shirts displaying images of firearms and at least one was told by an educator to change their attire, according to the report.

Police charged him with disrupting an educational process and obstructing an officer, he said.

"The only disturbance was caused by the teacher. He raised his voice," he said.

A call to the Logan Police Department rang unanswered on Sunday and an automated message said the voice mail system was full.

Lardieri said Marcum wore the shirt during five class periods before he was ordered to remove it.

Logan County Schools' dress code, which is posted on the school system's website, prohibits clothing and accessories that display profanity, violence, discriminatory messages or sexually suggestive phrases. Clothing displaying advertisements for any alcohol, tobacco, or drug product also is prohibited.

Their lawyer, Ben White, said that the T-shirt did not appear to violate any school policy.

"I just don't understand why this teacher reacted the way he did," said White, who said he asked school officials to preserve surveillance video of the cafeteria.

White said he planned to meet Monday with Principal Ernestine Sutherland.

A message left Sunday at a phone listing for an Ernestine Sutherland in Logan wasn't immediately returned.

White said schools can place restrictions on students to prevent disruptions, but can't take away their First Amendment right to free speech.

"If a teacher is telling you to do something that's wrong, I don't think you should follow it. But I also don't think you need to do it in a disrespectful way," he said, adding that he does not think Marcum was disrespectful.

White said he also wants to get the criminal charges dropped.

JFK airport evacuation: Suspicious Package Caused Evacuation

JFK airport evacuation, LaGuardia Airport had a temporary evacuation just last week, and now JFK airport has undergone an evacuation due to what was originally called a "suspicious package." Reuters reported on Sunday, April 21, 2013, that one terminal was evacuated so authorities could investigate the package which ended up being a tube of toothpaste wrapped in duct tape.

A little after 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, there was an evacuation of Terminal 4 after the suspicious package was found in the baggage room section. Chris Valens, spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, confirmed the location of the package.

The terminal was declared safe and re-opened about an hour and a half later.

The New York Department bomb squad eventually determined that the suspicious package ended up being simply a tube of toothpaste. It looked strange because it was wrapped in duct tape.

"We determined that it only contained toothpaste," Officer James Duffy said.

On April 16, 2013, LaGuardia Airport also underwent an evacuation due to a suspicious package being found.

Jailed for NRA T-shirt

Jailed for NRA T-shirt, a student was jailed for wearing an NRA T-shirt to school in West Virginia last week. On April 21, Fox News reported that an 8th grade student got in to an argument with a teacher who allegedly didn't approve of the image of a gun on the boy's shirt. Now, Jared Marcum faces charges of "obstruction and disturbing the education process for refusing to change the shirt."

"What they're doing is trying to take away my rights, my freedom of speech and my Second Amendment," Marcum told the media (via Fox News). Many people agree and don't feel as though the student should have been arrested.

A kid jailed for an NRA T-shirt seems a bit extreme which is likely why it is making headline news today. The T-shirt had a picture of a rifle on the front and the text "protect your right" above it (see above photo). The school's policy does forbid students from wearing clothing that displays "profanity, violence, discriminatory messages, or sexually suggestive phrases." According to Marcum, his dad, and his lawyer, he didn't break any rules.

According to the report, a few students at Logan Middle School wore shirts with rifles or guns on them on the first day of Marcum's suspension as part of a protest of sorts. At least one of those students were told to change -- but no one else was arrested or suspended.

After being jailed for wearing the NRA T-shirt, Jared Marcum hopes to get the criminal charges against him dropped.

Bombing suspect awake: is Under interrogation of Authorities

Bombing suspect awake - Suspect is awake, conscious and is under interrogation. He is responding in writing to authorities, CBS News correspondent Bob Orr reports. Officials did not reveal further details on what they are asking or what his responses are.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, was in serious condition Sunday, two days after being pulled bloody and wounded from a tarp-covered boat in a Watertown backyard. The capture came at the end of a tense Friday that began with his 26-year-old brother, Tamerlan, dying in a gun battle with police. Dzhokhar remains hospitalized under heavy guard.

Officials say Tsarnaev is recuperating from a bullet wound in the leg and in the neck, rendering him unable to speak. They could not comment on whether or not the second wound was self-inflicted.

Federal prosecutors are working on bringing charges but there was no immediate word on when Tsarnaev might be charged and what those charges would be. The twin bombings killed three people and wounded more than 180.

The most serious charge available to federal prosecutors would be the use of a weapon of mass destruction to kill people, which carries a possible death sentence. Massachusetts does not have the death penalty.

Investigators believe that two brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombing were likely planning other attacks based on the cache of weapons uncovered, the city's police commissioner, Ed Davis, told CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday. He said authorities found an arsenal of homemade explosives after Friday's gun battle between police and the two suspects.

"We have reason to believe, based upon the evidence that was found at that scene - the explosions, the explosive ordnance that was unexploded and the firepower that they had - that they were going to attack other individuals," Davis said. "That's my belief at this point."

The scene of the gun battle was loaded with unexploded bombs, and authorities had to alert arriving officers to them and clear the scene, Davis said. One improvised explosive device was found in the Mercedes the brothers are accused of carjacking, he said.

"This was as dangerous as it gets in urban policing," Davis said.

U.S. officials said the elite interrogation team would question Tsarnaev, a Massachusetts college student, without reading him his Miranda rights, which guarantees the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.

"In a case when there are exigent circumstances -- public safety is involved," explained CBS News senior correspondent John Miller, the government can invoke the exception to determine, "Are there other explosives? Is there another plot to blow something up? Are there other people?"

American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Anthony Romero said the legal exception applies only when there is a continued threat to public safety and is "not an open-ended exception" to the Miranda rule.

The federal public defender's office in Massachusetts said it has agreed to represent Tsarnaev once he is charged. Miriam Conrad, public defender for Massachusetts, said he should have a lawyer appointed as soon as possible because there are "serious issues regarding possible interrogation."

In a statement, several GOP lawmakers - Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., and Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H. - called the decision not to immediately Mirandize Tsarnaev "sound and in our national security interests." However, they expressed concern that "exclusively relying on the public safety exception to Miranda could very well be a national security mistake. It could severely limit our ability to gather critical information about future attacks from this suspect."

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said Sunday that surveillance video from Monday's Boston Marathon attack shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev dropping his backpack and calmly walking away from it before the bomb inside it exploded.

Patrick also said that he has no idea what motivated the suspects. Speaking on CBS' "Face the Nation," Patrick said it's hard to imagine why someone would deliberately harm "innocent men, women and children in the way that these two fellows did."

Patrick also said law enforcers believe the immediate threat ended when police killed one suspect and captured the other.

President Barack Obama said there are many unanswered questions about the bombing, including whether the Tsarnaev brothers - ethnic Chechens from southern Russia who had been in the U.S. for about a decade and lived in the Boston area - had help from others. The president urged people not to rush judgment about their motivations.

Patrick also said law enforcers believe the immediate threat ended when police killed one suspect and captured the other.

Patrick said Saturday afternoon that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was in serious but stable condition and was probably unable to communicate. Tsarnaev was at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where 11 victims of the bombing were still being treated.

On Sunday, family and friends attended a wake at a funeral home in Medford, Massachusetts, for Krystle Campbell, a 29-year-old restaurant worker, who was one one of the three people killed in the marathon bombing. A private funeral is scheduled for Monday.

Eight-year-old Martin Richard of Boston's Dorchester neighborhood and 23-year-old Lu Lingzi, a Boston University graduate student from China, also died in the attacks. BU is holding a memorial service for Lu on Monday.

On Sunday, a Boston synagogue opened its doors to worshipers from Trinity Church, which sits in the shadow of the Marathon finish line and remains closed. An interfaith service will also be held Sunday near the finish line where people set up a make-shift memorial as police cleared away debris from the bombing. The Rev. Nancy Taylor of the Old South Church said worshipers will be showing solidarity with the bombing victims.

Cardinal Sean O'Malley was offering a Mass to pray for those killed and injured in the attack and manhunt for the suspects. The service will also honor police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and doctors who saved lives.

The all-day manhunt Friday brought the Boston area to a near standstill and put people on edge across the metropolitan area.

The break came around nightfall when a homeowner in Watertown saw blood on his boat, pulled back the tarp and saw a bloody Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hiding inside, police said. After an exchange of gunfire, he was seized and taken away in an ambulance.

Raucous celebrations erupted in and around Boston, with chants of "USA! USA!" Residents flooded the streets in relief four days after the two pressure-cooker bombs packed with nails and other shrapnel went off.

During the long night of violence leading up to the capture, the Tsarnaev brothers killed a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer, severely wounded another lawman and took part in a furious shootout and car chase in which they hurled homemade explosives at police, authorities said.

Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau said one of the explosives was the same type used during Monday's Boston Marathon attack, and authorities later recovered a pressure cooker lid that had embedded in a car down the street. He said the suspects also tossed two grenades before Tamerlan Tsarnaev ran out of ammunition and police tackled him.

But while handcuffing him, officers had to dive out of the way as Dzhokhar drove the carjacked Mercedes at them, Deveau said. The sport utility vehicle dragged Tamerlan's body down the block, he said. Police initially tracked the escaped suspect by a blood trail he left behind a house after he abandoned the Mercedes, negotiating his surrender hours later.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is tracing the weapons to try to determine how they were obtained by the suspects.

Chechnya, where the Tsarnaev family has roots, has been the scene of two wars between Russian forces and separatists since 1994. That spawned an Islamic insurgency that has carried out deadly bombings in Russia and the region, although not in the West.

Investigators have not offered a motive for the Boston attack. But in interviews with officials and those who knew the Tsarnaevs, a picture has emerged of the older one as someone embittered toward the U.S., increasingly vehement in his Muslim faith and influential over his younger brother.

The Russian FSB intelligence service told the FBI in 2011 about information that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a follower of radical Islam, two law enforcement officials said Saturday.

According to an FBI news release, a foreign government said that Tamerlan Tsarnaev appeared to be a strong believer and that he had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the U.S. for travel to a region in Russia to join unspecified underground groups.

The FBI did not name the foreign government, but the two officials said it was Russia. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk about the matter publicly.

The FBI said that in response, its agents interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev and relatives, and did not find any domestic or foreign terrorism activity. The bureau said it looked into such things as his telephone and online activity, his travels and his associations with others.

An uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers said he had a falling-out with Tamerlan over the man's increased commitment to Islam.

Ruslan Tsarni from Maryland said Tamerlan told him in a 2009 phone conversation that he had chosen "God's business" over work or school. Tsarni said he then contacted a family friend who told him Tsarnaev had been influenced by a recent convert to Islam.

Tsarni said his relationship with his nephew basically ended after that call.

As for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, "he's been absolutely wasted by his older brother. I mean, he used him. He used him for whatever he's done," Tsarni said.

Albrecht Ammon, a downstairs-apartment neighbor of Tamerlan Tsarnaev in Cambridge, said in an interview that the older brother had strong political views about the United States. Ammon quoted Tsarnaev as saying that the U.S. uses the Bible as "an excuse for invading other countries."

Tamerlan Tsarnaev studied accounting as a part-time student at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston for three semesters from 2006 to 2008, the school said. He was married with a young daughter.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a student at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. The college was evacuated Friday, but officials said residence and dining halls will reopen Sunday.

$2 million Boston victims: Donations pour in for Victims

$2 million Boston victims, Friends, relatives and strangers have raised more than $2 million online to help pay medical expenses for the victims of the Boston bombing.

A website on GoFundMe.com was set up for Celeste and Sydney Corcoran, a mother and daughter from Lowell, Mass. who were both severely injured while standing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Celeste lost both her legs below her knees and Sydney suffered severe shrapnel wounds.

The site, Celeste & Sydney Recovery Fund, has so-far raised more than $500,000 out of its $750,000 goal.

The campaigns are usually open for donations from friends but even complete strangers often pitch in. The organizers post photos and details of the victims recovery and, to many donors, it's an immediate way to help.

"People get angry. They want to get involved. They want to help," said Brad Damphousse, chief executive officer of GoFundMe, which is hosting Celeste and Sydney's campaign. "Crowdfunding is actually really empowering for donors. It’s a way of being part of the solution instead of smoldering about the problem."

Friends of Boston newlyweds Jessica Kensky Downes and Patrick Downes, who each lost a leg in the blasts, have raised more than $560,000 on sites GoFundMe.com and GiveForward.com

"All of us were like, 'How can we help?'" said Leslie Kelly, 56, of Pebble Beach, Calif., whose two daughters grew up with Jessica Downes, 32.

"We felt so helpless. I thought, we can’t all send flowers. I couldn’t sleep all night. I got up the next morning and started a Wells Fargo account and then got the word: You need to do something online."

Kelly said the funds will go to pay for any of the couple's medical care that is not covered by insurance.

But Ken Berger, president and chief executive of Charity Navigator, an independent, nonprofit group that evaluates charities, told NBC News that self-policing charities who are dealing with a flood of money can be ripe for problems.

"That’s part of the reason that scoundrels and thieves are prosperous in a disaster," Berger said, "because the generosity of the American people is phenomenal."

He urges people who want to donate funds to contact the The One Fund Boston Inc., the charity just formed by Boston Gov. Deval Patrick and Mayor Tom Menino.

$2 million Boston victims

$2 million Boston victims, its not even a week after the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, crowdfunds websites have already allocated over $2 million dollars in pledges for the victims and families of the April 15 attack.

NBC News reported April 21 that online sites that engage in Crowdfunding – a term used to describe the collective effort of individuals who network online and pool their money for charities – have received more than 23,000 pledges promising more than $2 million in aid.

That includes nearly $500,000 earmarked specifically for Celeste and Sydney Corcoran of Lowell, Mass., the mother-daughter duo who were both severely injured while waiting together at the finish line.

Another $560,000 has been pledged to Boston newlyweds Jessica and Patrick Downes, who each lost a leg in the attack.

“All of us were like, ‘How can we help?’” said Leslie Kelly, 56, of Pebble Beach, Calif., whose two daughters grew up with Jessica Downes. “We felt so helpless. I thought, we can’t all send flowers. I couldn’t sleep all night. I got up the next morning and started a Wells Fargo account.”

Kelly then started an account at crowdfunding site GoFundMe, a charitable site that sends cash for victims of everything from cancer to car crashes.

“Crowdfunding is actually very empowering to the donors and supporters,” said Brad Damphousse, chief executive of GoFundMe, which has raised nearly $1.3 million through its “Believe in Boston” campaigns. “It’s a way of being part of the solution instead of smoldering about the problem.”

While officials applaud the unselfish giving, they also urge caution.

“You want to make sure that the money you donate goes to the intended party,” said Allan Bachman, education manager for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

The top crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, GiveForward and YouCaring all say any account set up for fundraising purposes is completely vetted and monitored to make sure no illegal or unscrupulous misdirection of funds occurs.

“We’ll suspend and investigate the fundraiser after one flag,” said Ethan Austin, co-founder and president of GiveForward, which has raised more than $41 million since it started in 2008.

Bombing suspect awake

Bombing suspect awake, a 19-year-old bomber suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, who was seriously wounded and unable to speak, is awake and responding in writing to questions from authorities, according to tweets by ABC and NBC News networks.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is in the intensive care unit of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, is responding sporadically, the ABC news network reported on its Twitter feed.

NBC's Pete Williams is also reporting Tsarnaev is writing answers to questions from law enforcement.

Tsarnaev is being treated for a gunshot in the mouth that exited the back of his neck, according Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, who was interviewed on CBS' "60 Minutes."

He also suffered a gunshot wound to the leg, Davis said.

Not licensed for guns

The two brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings, who police say engaged in a gun battle with officers after a frenzied manhunt, were not licensed to own guns in the towns where they lived, authorities said.

In the confrontation with police on the streets of a Boston suburb, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were armed with handguns, at least one rifle and several explosive devices, authorities say.

But neither brother appears to have been legally entitled to own or carry firearms where they lived, a fact that may add to the national debate over current gun laws.

Last week, the US Senate rejected a bill to expand background checks on gun purchases, legislation that opponents argued would do nothing to stop criminals from buying guns illegally.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, who was killed in the shootout with police, would have been required to apply for a gun license with the local police department where he lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

But there is no record of him having done so, according to Cambridge Police Department spokesman Dan Riviello.

Even if he had earlier received a gun licence from somewhere outside Cambridge, that licence would have to be registered with Cambridge police upon becoming a resident of the city, Riviello said. In Massachusetts, gun licences are issued by municipal police departments.


"There is no record of him having a licence to carry," Riviello said.

Tsarnaev's younger brother Dzhokhar, 19, who was captured alive after the manhunt, would have been too young to get a handgun license. Under state law, residents under 21 may only apply for a so-called firearms identification card, which allows the holder to own only rifles that hold 10 rounds or less and shotguns.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had no record of a firearms ID card in Cambridge. The police department in Dartmouth, where Dzhokhar was a student, said they had no record of gun licences or ID cards for either brother.

Police in nearby New Bedford, where the younger brother may have lived in the past, could not confirm whether they had issued Dzhokhar Tsarnaev a firearms ID card.

Federal law enforcement agencies have not confirmed a full tally of the brothers' arsenal.

Shot in the throat

Authorities earlier said they may never be able to speak with the surviving suspect due to injuries to his neck and tongue sustained while on the run from police, officials say.

Tsarnaev was shot in the throat and had tongue damage, said a source close to the investigation, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is still unable to interview Tsarnaev, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis told CBS television.

Tsarnaev was shot in the throat and had tongue damage, said a source close to the investigation, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino told ABC's This Week programme: "We don't know if we'll ever be able to question the individual." He did not elaborate on his condition.

ONE News US Correspondent Jack Tame said it could be days before investigators even had the chance to attempt to question the suspect.

He said investigators' were looking to question the 19-year-old without reading him his rights, which guarantees the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.

The government would invoke a rarely used public safety exception instead, he said, which permits law enforcement officials to engage in a limited and focused interrogation of a suspect without warning and allows the government to introduce the statement as evidence in court.

It is something that is allowed on a limited basis when the police or public may be in immediate danger, such as when bombs are planted and ready to go off.

Tame said officials say it is in the interest of national security to try and get any information out of Tsarnaev including whether there were any other accomplices.

Tsarnaev will be defended by the Federal Public Defender Office, which had yet to issue any public statements on the case.

The suspect remains in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center while US Attorney Carmen Ortiz, the federal prosecutor for the Boston area, was working on filing criminal charges.

An announcement on charges could come later on Sunday (Monday NZT), he said.

Motive unknown

Investigators were seeking a motive for the Boston Marathon bombings and whether others were involved besides the ethnic Chechen brothers they suspect carried out the attacks.

The other identified suspect, older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was killed during a firefight with police on Friday, in the middle of the dramatic 26 hours between when the FBI released pictures of the two suspects and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's capture in the Boston suburbs.

Two bombs made in pressure cookers and packed with ball bearings and nails exploded at the Boston Marathon on Monday, killing three people and injuring 176 and setting of a tense week in the United States that culminated in a massive manhunt on Friday with the greater Boston area on lockdown.

The two brothers may have been readying for a second attack at the time of the shootout, Davis told CBS. Early indications were the brothers acted alone, Davis and other officials said.

When police were able to move in after the hail of bullets stopped, they found unexploded devices littering the street and one in the carjacked SUV that the brothers had been driving. The devices contained the same type of shrapnel used in the marathon bombs.

"There is no doubt that they were made by these two guys," Davis said.

Police finally found the suspect cowering in a boat in a backyard in Watertown, hours after police went door to door searching for him after he escaped on foot. A man went to check on his boat after the tarp had come loose.

"He saw the suspect, retreated, and called police and we were there instantaneously," Davis said.

Trip to Russia

Tamerlan Tsarnaev then travelled to Moscow in January 2012 and spent six months in the region, a law enforcement source said.

He spent at least a month last summer helping his father renovate his first-floor apartment next door to a dentistry in Makhachkala, a city in the Dagestan region on the Caspian Sea.

It was unclear if he could have had contact with militant Islamist groups in southern Russia's restive Caucasus region.

A group leading an Islamist insurgency against Russia said today that it was not at war with the United States, distancing itself from last week's Boston bombing.

A statement from militants operating in Dagestan, where the brothers spent time as children, said the leading insurgency group Caucasus Emirate, led by Russia's most wanted man Doku Umarov, was not attacking the United States.

"We are fighting with Russia, which is responsible not only for the occupation of the Caucasus but for monstrous crimes against Muslims," the statement said.

The insurgency is rooted in two separatist wars that Russian troops waged against Chechen separatists following the fall of the Soviet Union.

The role of the FBI is also being questioned after the agency said it had interviewed Tamerlan in 2011 after Russian security services raised concerns he followed radical Islam. The FBI said it did not find any "terrorism activity" at that time.

Tame said the FBI has come under fire by politicians who say they should have followed up after interviewing Tamerlan in 2011, saying his trip to Russia for six months should have raised a red flag.

The suspect's mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, who now lives in Russia, told a Russian television station Tamerlan had been under FBI surveillance for years.

The bombings prompted contact between the United States and Russia, and the Kremlin said on Saturday the presidents of both countries agreed by telephone to increase cooperation on counter-terrorism.

Ruslan Tsarni, who said he was an uncle of the brothers, told CNN that he first noticed a change in Tamerlan's religious views in 2009. He suggested the radicalisation of his nephew happened while he was in the United States "in the streets of Cambridge (Massachusetts)."

The family immigrated to the United States about a decade ago.

The brothers spent their early years in a small community of Chechens in the central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, a mainly Muslim nation of 5.5 million.

The family moved in 2001 to Dagestan, a southern Russian province that lies at the heart of a violent Islamist insurgency and where their parents now live.

Reese Witherspoon arrested: With her agent Husband

Reese Witherspoon arrested, Actress Reese Witherspoon and her husband, Hollywood agent Jim Toth, were arrested and briefly jailed on Friday, EW has confirmed with the Atlanta Department of Corrections. Toth was reportedly pulled over in Atlanta early Friday morning on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and arrested on a DUI charge. Witherspoon, a passenger in the car, was also reportedly arrested on a disorderly conduct charge.

EW’s inquiry to Witherspoon’s rep was not immediately returned. Toth’s agency, CAA, had no comment.

According to Variety, which first reported the news, Witherspoon was handcuffed after disobeying the arresting officer’s instructions to stay inside the vehicle.

Both Witherspoon, 37, and her husband, 42, were released on bond on Friday morning and a court appearance is scheduled for Monday morning in Atlanta Municipal Court. The couple is in Atlanta shooting The Good Lie. The couple has been married since 2011.

Mom kids fire BB gun

Mom kids fire BB gun, Long Island mom who drove kids around to fire BB guns at parked cars was arraigned on Saturday. 43-year-old Susan Becker was arrested by Suffolk County police on Friday amid reports that she drove three young teens, including two of her own children, in multiple drive-by shootings that broke windows in at least 60 cars.

Now, Becker faces 10 counts of criminal mischief and 11 counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Suffolk County police said that Becker drove two 15-year-olds, her own daughter and a teen boy, and also her 13-year-old son, around as they fired off the BB guns and created havoc in Islandia, Hauppage, and Commack.

So far, the cops don’t know or haven’t revealed the motive behind the seemingly senseless shootings enabled by a mom driving a get-away car while she told the kids to fire the BB guns. Yes, that’s right. They don’t just suspect her of being the driver and the enabler. They think that she may have actually encouraged the young teens to take the potshots.

Her bail has been set at $30,000.

Baffled neighbor and father of three John McGuigan told a local TV station that most people in the area don’t understand: “The likelihood that somebody’s going to get hurt with that kind of behavior is just insane. I don’t know why anyone would want to do that.”

Another neighbor Susan Morelli told NBC that there must be some explanation that people don’t know about: “Susan is a great mom, she’s a great neighbor, she’s always there to help everybody…She just wouldn’t do something like that.”

But what could that explanation be? She’s the mom, and the kids are after all just kids. With BB guns. Not AK-47s held to her head. What are your thoughts on a mom driving kids around to fire off BB guns at cars?

5 die in rollover: out of the 22 in the VAN in Border Patrol chase

5 die in rollover - There was this sad news out of Arizona came on Sunday, April 21, 2013, as five people have died after a pursuit involving the Border Patrol finished with a van rolling over. The Associated Press reports that the accident happened in Southern Arizona on the evening of Saturday, April 20, 2013.

Border Patrol was in pursuit of the van which was said to be packed with people as it traveled between Tucson and Benson, Arizona on Saturday night.

Once the van rolled over and the pursuit ended, it was realized that there were actually 22 people in total in the van. Authorities say that five people are confirmed dead and the 17 others in the van were taken to different hospitals for treatment.

Injuries of the 17 are unknown at this time.

Willie Treatch, Rural/Metro Fire Spokesman, says that he did not know the full circumstances to the chase that involved Border Patrol and the van. All he knows is that Boarder Patrol was chasing after it as it traveled down the highway, and the van crashed and 5 died in the rollover.

There was no comment from the Border Patrol on Sunday.

5 die in rollover: in a Border Patrol pursuit

5 die in rollover, accident began to trend across major news headlines this weekend following a Border Patrol chase and eventual devastating crash, The Epoch Times reported this Sunday, April 21, 2013.

According to the latest updates from the Associated Press, five people were killed after their fleeing van toppled and rolled over on the highway in a Border Patrol pursuit late this Saturday night in southern Arizona.

Local officials confirmed that the 5 die in rollover headline came as a result of several of the passengers being killed in the van; the vehicle was in fact carrying a total of 22 people cramped inside.

The other 17 individuals in the Border Patrol chase were soon taken to local hospitals, although their conditions remain unknown at this point and time. The exact circumstances surrounding the pursuit of the van have not yet been identified, either.

The Arizona Border Patrol has not answered any calls for comment this Sunday, though more details are likely to unfold in the rollover later this week.

JFK airport evacuation: Terminal 4 evacuated

JFK airport evacuation, was made earlier today. There was evacuation following a bomb scare, Yahoo! News reported this Sunday, April 21, 2013. According to the report, a “suspicious package” led to Terminal 4 of the major airport being evacuated, though an airport spokesman later gave an “all clear” safety message some time later.

Reuters added this afternoon that the JFK airport evacuation began to trend across top news headlines this weekend after the “suspicious package” and subsequent bomb scare was soon investigated by an NYPD bomb squad search.

The package, fortunately, was discovered to be little more than a toothpaste tub that had been heavily wrapped in tape. Both airport employees and passengers have since been allowed back into the terminal.

Yet especially after the marathon tragedy in Boston this week, it seems essential that any and all precautions for Americans' safety must be taken in terms of a bombing scare.

The JFK airport evacuation was first reported after sources stated a “package had been boarded onto a plane” around 4:00 this afternoon, and was “later discovered in the bag room of El Al Airlines.”

JFK airport evacuation

JFK airport evacuation, airport officials temporarily evacuated a terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Sunday to investigate a suspicious package, which turned out to be a tube of toothpaste wrapped in duct tape, officials said.

The package was found shortly after 4 p.m. EDT (2000 GMT) in the baggage room area of Concourse B in Terminal 4, said Chris Valens, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

After about 90 minutes, the terminal was re-opened.

The New York Police Department bomb squad determined that the package was a tube of toothpaste with duct tape around it, Officer James Duffy said.

"We determined that it only contained toothpaste," Duffy said.

The evacuation comes as the country is on edge following the Boston Marathon bombings and the discovery of letters laced with ricin, a highly lethal poison, addressed to President Barack Obama and Republican U.S. Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi.

5 die in rollover

5 die in rollover, One Kansas teenager is dead and three others injured after a single vehicle accident on Monday afternoon.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, the accident happened about one mile north of Kensington, Kansas when the truck's passenger side tires entered a ditch. The driver lost control and the truck rolled several times coming to rest on the driver's side.

The driver, the front seat passenger and the two teenagers riding in the bed of the truck were all ejected from the vehicle.

16 year old Riley Reneberg of Kensington was killed.

The 16 year old driver of the truck and a 15 year old passenger were both transferred to Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney.

The driver is listed in fair condition and the passenger in serious.

Another 16 year old passenger was taken to Smith County Memorial Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

Reese Witherspoon arrested: Suspicion of DUI and Disorderly Conduct

Reese Witherspoon arrested, A 37-year-old 'This Means War' star - who gave birth to her third child Tennessee in September and shares daughter Ava, 13, and son Deacon, 10, with her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe - was arrested for disorderly conduct after her husband Jim Toth, 42, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Oscar-winning actress, who is currently in the city shooting her new movie 'The Good Lie', allegedly got into a war of words with a police officer during her husband's arrest, according to Variety.com.

The actress was warned twice not to get out of the couple's Ford Focus, which was spotted driving in the wrong lane, and was arrested after she decided to get out to complain that the process was taking too long.

According to the police report: "Mrs. Witherspoon began to hang out the window and say that she did not believe that I was a real police officer. I told Mrs. Witherspoon to sit on her butt and be quiet."

The officer also suggested she initially resisted as he grabbed her arms to arrest her while her husband attempted to calm her down, writing: "Mrs. Witherspoon asked, 'Do you know my name?' I answered, 'No, I don't need to know your name.' I then added, 'right now.' Mrs. Witherspoon stated, 'You're about to find out who I am.'

"Mrs. Witherspoon also stated, 'You are going to be on national news.' I advised Mrs. Witherspoon that was fine."

Jim, who is an agent for Hollywood agency CAA, insisted he only had one drink and blew a .139 into a breathalyser but the legal limit is 0.08.

He also is facing a second charge for failure to maintain a lane while driving.

The couple were released on bond at approximately 3.30am on Friday morning.

A court appearance is scheduled for Monday at 8 a.m. in Atlanta Municipal Court, but according to sources the couple will not be present and their lawyer is planning to ask that the court date be postponed.

Witherspoon - who married Jim in March 2011 after a year of dating - recently returned to work after enjoying a career break to care for their baby.

A spokesperson for the actress declined comment.

Reese Witherspoon arrested

Reese Witherspoon arrested, Reese Witherspoon's husband was arrested for Driving under Influence (DUI) on the evening of Friday, April 19, 2013, but he wasn't the only one that went to jail. TMZ revealed on the afternoon of Sunday, April 21, 2013, that Reese Witherspoon herself was arrested and taken to jail as well.

The actress was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she allegedly got into a verbal battle with a police officer. This all took place during her husband's DUI arrest that happened on Friday night in Atlanta, GA. His blood alcohol level was .139.

Witherspoon is currently in Atlanta for the filming of a new movie called "The Good Lie."

Sources have told TMZ that Witherspoon got out of her car and started talking back to the officer that was arresting her husband for the DUI. It appears as if her biggest problem was that the arrest of her husband was simply taking too long.

Variety reports that as an officer was arresting Witherspoon, she asked him, "Do you know my name?" He said that he did not, and Witherspoon shot back, "You're about to find out who I am."

Kind of silly thing to be upset about, but it didn't stop her from complaining.

An officer proceeded to tell the actress, twice, to not get out of her car. She proceeded to get out of her car, yell some more, and Reese Witherspoon was therefore arrested for disorderly conduct.

Both her and her husband were released early on Saturday morning on bond.

Witherspoon has been in the news recently for supposedly being "too old" to play Stevie Nicks in a possible, future Fleetwood Mac movie. It doesn't appear as if she feels she is too old to tell the cops how she is feeling.

Suspect throat injury: Tsarnaev's throat injury could prevent speech

Suspect throat injury, Tsarnaev's throat injury is believed that it could prevent speech.

Dzhokar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old suspect of the Boston bombings, was captured alive on Friday with significant injuries to his throat that could prevent speech, a federal agent told CNN on Saturday.

The officer, who reported on condition of anonymity, did not say whether the damage would deprive the suspect's speech permanently.

Nevertheless, if the throat injuries that Tsarnaev suffered render him permanently speechless, the process of the investigation into the attacks of Boston will be delayed. Officials expect to question the suspect and clear many of the unanswered questions, starting with why.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said Saturday at a press conference that the arrested suspect is in "critical condition, but stable, though still not able to communicate."

The authorities continue to believe that the two brothers acted alone and they do not believe there is an imminent danger after the death of Tamerlane Tsarnaev and the capture of his younger brother.

However, they want to know if the older brother, Tamerlane, apparently the most troubled of the two, had been persuaded by the ideas of radical Islam in his visit last year to Dagestan.

Dzhokar was transferred on Saturday to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston for treatment of his injuries.

Jennifer Lawrence haircut

Jennifer Lawrence haircut, everyone was looking only at the Jennifer Lawrence as she always does something! And this time, it's not just her usual coolness. She got a haircut!

America's current sweetheart debuted the look at the GLAAD Awards last night. Tons of celebrities (and quite a few of our own staffers, including our entire beauty department) have been jumping on the bob and long-bob trend ever since Karlie made the cut a few months back, and while Jennifer's new 'do may be a bit too long to really attribute it to the Kloss effect, it's in the vicinity.

The best part? This is proof to all of you suffering from the dreaded in-between hair phase that yes, it can look good. And also, it should be noted that Jennifer Lawrence has some kind of magical hair power, because she is constantly switching between her regular dirty blonde and her Hunger Games dark, dark brown with zero signs of hair damage. Girl, what's your secret?

Jump to the next page to see her outfit (and the shoes — oh, the shoes!)

Terrorista #1 license

Terrorista #1 license, the license plate reading "Terrorista #1" has sparked controversy after it was found on the vehicle of two friends of Boston Marathon bombing suspects, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

The two friends reportedly owned a black BMW 330XI car that had the controversial personalized license plate on, and a sticker on the back of the vehicle that read, "F**** you, You f****** f***."

The two friends have only been identified by their first names, Azmat and Diaz, and according to reports they were taken into custody on Saturday for separate alleged immigration violations.

The two men are believed to be from Kazakhstan, and their apartment has also been raided, as police believe that Dzhokhar may have once lived there.

The picture of the car with the license plate "Terrorista#1" was tweeted by Dzhokhar's alleged Twitter account under the Twitter handle J_tsar.

The two men are also believed to be students attending the University of Massachusetts, according to a neighbor who spoke with The Daily Mail.

"They used to have parties until three or four in the morning," the neighbor said. "There would be drinking and dancing and the police would come. I didn't mind but they stayed up til late every now and then."

Terror suspect Dzhokhar was finally captured at about 8.40 p.m. ET on Friday after a massive manhunt locked down most of Boston for the entire day as authorities searched for him.

He was eventually found at 76 Franklin St. Watertown, Mass., hiding in a boat in the garden of the residence.

He reportedly has a very serious throat injury, and according to some reports out Sunday he may have tried to put a gun to his mouth in an attempt to take his life when he was cornered.

According to Boston police, the 19-year-old suspect is in critical but stable condition and remains intubated and sedated.

There is also a video of the boat the Boston bombing suspect was hiding in as authorities closed in on him

N. Korea missile launchers

N. Korea missile launcher: N. Korea has moved two short-range missile launchers to its east coast, apparently indicating it is pushing ahead with preparations for a test launch, a South Korean news agency reported on Sunday.

South Korea and its allies have been expecting some sort of North Korean missile launch during weeks of heightened hostility on the Korean peninsula.

An unidentified South Korean military source told the South's Yonhap news agency that satellite imagery showed that North Korean forces had moved two mobile missile launchers for short-range Scud missiles to South Hamgyeong province.

"The military is closely watching the North's latest preparations for a missile launch," the source said.

The North moved two mid-range Musudan missiles in early April and placed seven mobile launchers in the same area, Yonhap said. A North Korean show of force could be staged to coincide with the anniversary of the founding of its army on April 25.

A South Korean Defense Ministry official said he could not confirm the news report and said there had been no sign of unusual activity in North Korea. North Korea fairly regularly test-fires short-range missiles in the sea off its east coast.

North Korea stepped up its defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions in December when it launched a rocket that it said had put a scientific satellite into orbit. Critics said the launch was aimed at developing technology to deliver a nuclear warhead mounted on a long-range missile.

The North followed that in February with its third test of a nuclear weapon. That brought new U.N. sanctions which in turn led to a dramatic intensification of North Korea's threats of nuclear strikes against South Korea and the United States.

The tension has eased over recent days with the North at least talking about dialogue in response to calls for talks from both the United States and South Korea.

On Saturday, North Korea reiterated that it would not give up its nuclear weapons, rejecting a U.S. condition for talks although it said it was willing to discuss disarmament.

Source: Reuters

Suspect throat injury

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev remained sedated and in serious but stable condition at a Boston hospital Sunday, under heavy police guard as investigators prepared to interrogate him about his involvement in the Boston Marathon bombing that shocked the nation.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, suspected of carrying out Monday's Boston is in a hospital, sedated and unable to be interrogated because of a throat injury. Authorities want to know if anyone else was involved.

While officials are eager to question Tsarnaev, a throat injury prevents them from doing so for now.

“We don't know if we'll ever be able to question the individual,” Boston Mayor Tom Menino said on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday.

Authorities have not publicly detailed the injuries he sustained, but they are reported to include gunshot wounds to his neck and leg. An official who had been briefed said Tsarnaev has been "intubated and sedated,” CNN reported.

"I, and I think all of the law enforcement professionals, are hoping for a host of reasons that the suspect survives, because we have a million questions, and those questions need to be answered,” Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick told reporters Saturday. “There are parts of the investigation, in terms of information and evidence, that still needs to be run to ground.”

Tsarnaev had been captured Friday night after 24 hours on the run, a period that saw violent confrontations with police – one of which resulted in the death of Tsarnaev’s older brother, Tamarlan Tsarnaev – while the Boston area remained locked down.

Officials are operating under the presumption that information Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has relates to ongoing public safety – their justification for proceeding with initial interrogation without issuing him the usual Miranda warning, which guarantees the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.

The American Civil Liberties Union and a federal public defender have raised concerns about investigators' plan to question Tsarnaev this way.

ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero said the legal exception applies only when there is a continued threat to public safety and is "not an open-ended exception" to the Miranda rule, reports the Associated Press.

Among other things, officials want to know if anyone else was involved in the two bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon last Monday, which killed three people and injured more than 180, many of them seriously. Was the older Tsarnaev brother – believed to be the leader in preparing for and carrying out the attack – in touch with or aided by Islamic radicals here or abroad?

The two ethnically Chechen brothers may have been readying for a second attack at the time of the shootout, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis told CBS.

So far, evidence suggests that the two brothers acted alone in the bombings and subsequent shootout, Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau told CNN. (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured hiding in a boat parked in the Boston suburb of Watertown.)

"From what I know right now, these two acted together and alone," Chief Deveau said. "I think we have to be ever vigilant, and we're learning as we go along, but as far as this little cell – this little group – think we got our guys."

Boston Mayor Menino agrees.

“All of the information that I have they [is that] acted alone,” he said on ABC.

Meanwhile, officials – and lawmakers with oversight on intelligence issues – want to know why earlier warnings of Tamarlan Tsarnaev’s increasing radicalization somehow failed to result in more adequate follow-up.

As Monitor Moscow correspondent Fred Weir reports, Russian officials warned the US about Tamarlan Tsarnaev in 2011. When Tamarlan Tsarnaev returned from a six-month stay in Russia the next year, US officials questioned him and his family but determined that he was not a threat.

“The FBI had this guy on the radar and somehow he fell off,” a congressional aide, who said oversight committees on Capitol Hill are seeking answers from counterterrorism officials, told the Boston Globe. “We heard for several days leading up to this there was no intelligence. Now we know there could have been intelligence.”

Terrell Owens Bears: Want to play for Chicago this year

Terrell Owens Bears - Terrell Owens hasn't been in the NFL for a couple years now, and his last stint was with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010, but he's hoping his professional career isn't over. NFL.com reports that wide receiver Terrell Owens is looking to play in the 2013 season, and currently he is eyeing the Chicago Bears as his new team.

Owens has an old relationship with Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman, and he is hoping that will help him get in with the team. T.O. and Trestman spent a year together with the San Francisco 49ers back in 1996.

Trestman was the offensive coordinator for the Niners.

"I played my first early years in San Francisco with and shortly after that, he left to do some things," Owens told Comcast SportsNet Chicago's David Kaplan on Friday. "I haven't talked to Marc in a long while. I know he's gone on and done some things, now he's back in the NFL. So, I never really thought about it until myself and (former linebacker) Napoleon (Harris) were talking about it earlier, but I would definitely welcome it if they would give it some serious consideration.

"To think about (Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall) on the other side and me on one side, that's really dangerous. I'm keeping myself in shape just for any opportunity that may come about."

Recently, Owens worked out and caught some passes from Tom Brady and Matt Cassel, and he is hopefully trying to get some more practice in.

While it has been a long time since Owens worked with Trestman, he is still hoping that the connection will work out for him and get him a job with the Bears. At this point, it appears as if Owens would really take a job anywhere.

Al Michaels DUI: Sportscaster Friday night in jail

Al Michaels DUI - NBC sportscaster Al Michaels DUI arrest is creating a buzz on the Internet today, with CNN reporting that the 68-year-old was arrested on April 19 for drunk driving.

Known for his play-by-play coverage of NFL games and now a sportscaster on NBC, Michaels was arrested in Santa Monica on Friday night and reportedly spent several hours in jail before released on his own recognizance on Saturday morning.

TMZ reports that Al Michaels' blood alcohol level "was right at the legal limit -- he blew a .08 and a .09 in two breathalyzer tests" but that has not been confirmed by police.

CNN reports that Michaels was arrested and charged with misdemeanor DUI. He spent approximately five hours in the Santa Monica City Jail.

Michaels, who many remember for yelling "Do you believe in miracles?"when the U.S. hockey team beat the Soviets in the 1980 Winter Olympics, now needs a miracle of his own.

Or a good lawyer.

Al Michaels DUI

Al Michaels DUI, An Al Michaels DUI arrest was made on in California on Friday night, according to the latest reports. Michaels, most recently known for his work on "Sunday Night Football," spent five hours in jail after being charged for driving under the influence.

The USA Today site reported (via CNN) as of April 21 that Michaels spent time in the Santa Monica City Jail after he was charged. Santa Monica police told them that the play-by-play announcer was "extremely cooperative," and eventually "released on his own recognizance Saturday morning."

With the DUI arrest, Michaels is set to now appear at Los Angeles Municipal Court on June 26 at 8:30 a.m. The CNN report notes that neither Michaels, nor NBC, had any immediate comments about the arrest.

Al Michaels is not just known for his work on NBC's "Sunday Night Football," but was also the famous voice behind the line "Do you believe in miracles?" The emotional line came after the United States hockey team delivered one of the biggest upsets in history, as they defeat the Soviet team in the 1980 Winter Olympics.

"Sunday Night Football" is seen weekly during the NFL regular season on NBC, with Al Michaels providing play-by-play during the games. Roanoke viewers can watch "SNF" on NBC affiliate station WSLS 10.

Al Michaels was arrested for a DUI after performing poorly in his field sobriety tests. According to TMZ on April 21, police arrested Michaels on Friday night at around 10 p.m. PST and then released on his own recognizance at 4:15 a.m.

What is most interesting about the report is that, while police arrested Michaels for his field sobriety test, he actually took two breathalyzer tests and blew just about the legal limit - .08 the first time and .09 the second. In the state of California, the legal BAC limit is .08.

The arrest happened at a Santa Monica police DUI checkpoint and officers said they detected the smell of alcohol on Michaels' breath, which is why they gave him the tests.

Al Michaels is one of the most popular sports announcers in the world, working for "Monday Night Football" for 20 years and then moving over to work the ESPN "Sunday Night Football" telecast. He also voiced the United States vs. Russia "Miracle on Ice" hockey game at the 1980 Winter Olympics.

The Al Michaels DUI arrest was unfortunate, but TMZ reports that he was completely nice throughout the entire ordeal.

Darrelle Revis trade

Darrelle Revis trade, sources have revealed that the Darrelle Revis trade to Tampa Bay is all but complete, and when it's done, Revis will be among the highest paid non-QB players in the NFL. Revis flew to Tampa Bay to complete the Bucs' official team physical this weekend, reported Yahoo! Sports on April 21.

The trade talks between the New York Jets and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been going on for weeks, with much speculation about the exact details. It has long been clear that Revis would likely be part of that deal and now sources say there's but a slim ".001 chance this deal doesn't happen," reported Yahoo! Sports.

Revis and his agents have been vocal about his desire to seal a big money deal that would net him upwards of $15 million per year. Such a salary would put him in good company, including Mario Williams, Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald.

It seems as if the Bucs are willing to lay out the money necessary to secure Revis; they're no strangers to big deals and have the room in the salary cap to make it happen. Assuming Revis' physical pans out as expected, the final deal could be announced by Monday.

Military daughter gets deployed to Afghanistan

A military father and daughter who are stationed at Fort Drum in northern New York are gearing up for deployment to Afghanistan together.

Miranda Mogg, 21, who works as an army intelligence officer, said she had always dreamed of following her father, Michael, to the front line.

'It's surreal. I grew up with him always away, and now I get a chance to be out there,' she told the Watertown Daily Times.

Family support: Michael Mogg and his daughter Miranda, who are stationed at Fort Drum in northern New York are gearing up for deployment to Afghanistan together

'If you're going to go to war, you should go with people you know,' she added.

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Mr Mogg, 47, had planned to end his career at 29 years, but decided to stay to be a part of the deployment, which will be his fifth, and his daughter’s first.

From the front line to fashion: How a female army officer is transforming discarded military supplies into stylish tote bags
No choppers, no training, no men: National Security Guard in crisis as helicopter and manpower shortages cripple counter-terror effort

It is reported that the Moggs will be among the 1,800 soldiers from the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade deploying overseas in the next month.

Mr Mogg, a 29-year Army veteran, is the helicopter unit's master gunner and his daughter is an intelligence analyst whose duties will include identifying enemy activity and potential threats.

'I grew up with him always away, and now I get a chance to be out there'

'For once she gets to tell me what to do,' Mr Mogg joked. He also noted that she is likely to serve as a spy for his wife.

'If I eat something wrong, she’s going to "narc" on me,' he said.

The Moggs have been stationed at Fort Drum for the past five years, but the military base is familiar territory for the family.

They lived on the army reservation from 1994 to 2001, when Miranda Mogg attended local schools.

She graduated from high school in Alabama after her father was assigned to Fort Rucker in the southern part of the state.

Following in her parents' footsteps: Mr Mogg affixes a specialist rank on the uniform of his daughter, Miranda, with her mother, Maria, at a promotion ceremony

Michael Mogg and his army veteran wife, Maria, returned to Fort Drum in 2008 when he was transferred to the upstate Army post, home of the 10th Mountain Division.

It is one of several military installations in the U.S. and Germany the family has called home. Specialist Miranda Mogg has been in the Army about two years and arrived at Fort Drum in November.

She said she is a little nervous about her first overseas assignment, and it will pressure her to identify enemy activity and potential threats.

'If something gets past me, it could be very hazardous,' she said.

The helicopter brigade, which has been preparing for the past ten months, will be deployed for about nine months, serving in a variety of support roles in the air and on the ground.

This deployment will be the brigade's fifth since 2001 and its fourth to Afghanistan.

Bill Costello, a spokesman for Army Human Resources command at Fort Knox, Kentucky, said the service doesn't track parent-child deployments so it doesn't have information on any similar situations.

Artistic Prince Charles selects 130 of his own watercolours

Prince Charles has combined his love of the environment with his passion for painting and the results are available for all to enjoy on his public website.

The exhibition of 130 watercolour paintings of the British and Scottish countryside has gone on display in a collection called Life in Pictures at www.princeofwales.gov.uk.

Each painting was personally chosen for display by the Prince and the collection represents the largest public collection of his work ever seen in one place.

Scroll down for video

The collection includes many paintings of the Royal residencies like this one of Highgrove House which the Prince painted in 1999

Rufiji River from Mbuyuni Camp, Selous Game Reserve, in Tanzania, painted by Charles on an overseas tour to the country in 1997

Featuring scenes of the views from the Balmoral estate, paintings of the Royal residences such as Highgrove and Sandringham, as well as Scottish landscapes such as Lochnagar mountain, the paintings clearly reflect the His Highnesses love of nature and Englsih heritage.

There are also albums from the private holidays that the Prince took to Greece and to Klosters in Switzerland, as well as paintings done while on Royal tours overseas in Turkey and Tanzania, and sketches made on board HMS Britannia.

A Provencale landscape painted HRH, who's work is often inspired by his passion for nature

The copyright of The Prince’s watercolours belongs to A. G. Carrick Ltd, a trading arm of The Prince’s Charities Foundation. The name uses two of The Prince's four Christian names - Arthur and George - and one of his titles, The Earl of Carrick.

Prince Charles has painted for decades, inspired in the 1970s and 80s by his art master at Gordonstoun in Scotland Robert Waddel.

The Queen of handbagging! Sales of Thatcher's favourite Launer bags soar 53% in the days after the Iron Lady's death
Woman, 28, who was so fat she could barely walk, loses HALF her body weight in preparation of London marathon
Control pants you will want to show off: Triumph's stylish new shapewear range is practical AND pretty

Mainly focusing on landscapes and nature scenes, he has previously displayed his work, giving any money generated goes to the The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation.

The Prince has often shared his love of art with the public and recently contributed to a documentary, ‘Royal Paintbox’ on Royal artists throughout history.

In the 1980s The Prince began inviting artists to accompany him on official tours overseas and record their impressions, a tradition that has continued to this day, and he has founded an arts school to nurture the art of drawing from observation.

The Prince paints many scenes of his beloved Scotland, such as this one of an abandoned cottage on the island of Stroma, 2003

Prince Charles stands in front of a display of his water colours, while filming for a Royal Paintbox, a documentary exploring the relationship between Royals and art through the ages

The Prince has long had a passion for painting, preferring to draw landscapes and nature scenes

A view of Cypress Trees and Mountains, painted on the Royal trip to Turkey in 1999

The Prince's Drawing School was founded by His Royal Highness and artist Catherine Goodman in 2000, and it is now one of the few institutions that offers specific and sustained tutition to people wishing to learn how to draw.

Clarence House say: ‘The Prince has been an enthusiastic amateur artist and keen collector and Patron of the Arts for many years.

‘The Prince likes to paint whenever his schedule allows - whether on private holidays, or during a spare moment on an overseas tour - and finds it a most absorbing occupation.

‘These watercolours provide an insight into not only The Prince's artistic interpretation of his environment, but into his private and public life.’

Woman who was so fat she could barely walk is running the London marathon

A woman who was so fat she could barely walk is running the London Marathon - after losing half of her body weight.

At her largest Judi Heykoop weighed a huge 27st and was a dress size 32 through a teenage addiction to food which saw her consume 4,000 calories a day.

Every day she ate on five bowls of cereal for breakfast, pizza and chips for lunch and a huge meal for dinner.

Fighting fit: Judi Heykoop will be running in her first marathon when she takes part in Sunday's Virgin London Marathon after losing thirteen-and-a-half stone, half her body weight

She would also snack on up to ten donuts a day - plus whatever else she could get her hands on.

She was at her biggest by the age of 24 when doctors warned her life expectancy was 54 unless she did something drastic about her weight.

Control pants you will want to show off: Triumph's stylish new shapewear range is practical AND pretty
Have you ever seen a catwalk model looking like this? Model's bulging buttock blamed on bad diet and no exercise
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Judi, now 28, tried a series of diets and saw a hypnotist but without success and as a last resort her GP eventually offered her a gastric bypass on the NHS.

The £10,000 operation removed part of her digestive system so she now only absorbs around 50 per cent of the calories she eats.

Before and after: Judi ballooned to a huge 27st and size 32 through a teenage addiction to food but has since lost half her body weight

Challenge: Judi has already completed a couple of half-marathons and on Sunday faces her biggest test yet with the full event - setting herself a target time of under five hours

She had the bypass in 2009 and has been on the road to fitness ever since.

For six weeks after the operation Judi, who is 5'11", lived off baby food as she could only eat liquidised meals.

But the pounds started to fall off and in the first four months alone she lost five stone and was down to size 20 clothes.

As she lost weight she felt less sluggish and decided to start exercising and in 2010 joined the British Military Fitness group whose instructors are serving or former members of the armed forces.

They keep Judi in shape with gruelling outdoor exercise classes and she quickly lost another two stone and also acquired a passion for running.

Big eater: Judi had an addiction to food which saw her consuming 4,000 calories a day. Every day she gorged on five bowls of cereal for breakfast, pizza and chips for lunch and a huge meal for dinner

Big appetite: She would also snack on up to ten donuts a day - plus whatever else she could get her hands on, doctors warned her that her life expectancy was 54

She now jogs three times a week, has joined a mountaineering club and has lost over 13.5st to slim down to a size 14-16, tipping the scales at 13st 7lbs.

Judi has already completed a couple of half-marathons and on Sunday faces her biggest test yet with the full event - setting herself a target time of under five hours.

She will be cheered on by her family, friends and boyfriend as she raises money for mental health charity MIND.

Judi, a management consultant from London, said: 'I couldn't be happier.

'When I look at old photos of me I feel ashamed that I let myself get so big - I really had an addiction to food.

'I was eating a massive amount of carbohydrates and would buy boxes of donuts and give my friends a couple and eat the other 10 myself.

'I was struggling to walk and tried everything to lose weight but nothing worked until the bypass.

'My friends and family never thought I'd run anywhere, let alone complete a marathon and I'm determined to reach the finish line.'

Last resort: Judi, now 28, tried a series of diets and saw a hypnotist but without success and as a last resort her GP eventually offered her a gastric band operation

Could this be the cure for obesity? Restaurant serves

Eating out can often be a dieter's nightmare with diners unable to control calorific content or portion sizes.

But a new pop restaurant in London's Soho seems to have created an ingenious solution for foodies who want to watch their waistlines.

The restaurant, Size Matters, which will be at the Sun & 13 Cantons pub in Soho for the next eight weeks, offers traditional British dishes from its 'size matters' menu in small, medium and large.

Size matters: Burgers can be ordered in small, left, medium, centre, or large at the pop up restaurant

The restaurant is run in collaboration with Piccadilly Circus' The Criterion Restaurant, with their head chef, Matthew Foxon, creating the food including mini British beef burgers and fish and chips. Starters, main courses, desserts and side dishes can all be ordered off the menu in various portion sizes.

What's your excuse? 'I've had a bad day' and 'it's my birthday' are the main reasons given for women falling off the diet wagon
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A spokesman for the restaurant told the MailOnline: 'The idea is to give the guest greater control over their portion size, you hear a lot over the internet about portion sizes and how difficult it is for restaurants to get it right, so we thought it would be a good idea to put that choice into the guest's hands.'

Less waste: Fish and chips can be served in different portions depending on your appetite

How hungry? The small burger is bitesize while the large includes three pieces of meat

Of course the range of sizes also means a range of prices. A small main course such as a British beef burger costs £8 while the medium is £11 and the large £15.50.

The mini burgers and hotdogs are bitesize - so are not likely to satisfy eaters as a main meal. Rather, the restaurant recommends the smaller portions as a light snack.

Meanwhile, the large triple burger is not intended to be eaten by just one person.

Don't be greedy! The large portions are designed to be shared (file photo)

The spokesman explained: 'The large sizes are mainly chosen when there is a large group and they share everything around - the dishes work really well for sharing.

'A large portion of burgers is three triple burgers, but this is absolutely designed to be shared around - and our servers will advise of this when it is being ordered.'

As help as helping people watch their weight (provided they don't eat all of the large meal themselves!) the spokesman added that the concept has also reduced food waste.

'It has also so far proved to be a great way of reducing wastage - again, because people know what to expect and finish everything,' they said.

Old King Coal is a bitter old soul: He gloated at Lady T's death

While his ex-wife led gleeful former miners as they burnt an effigy of Baroness Thatcher on the morning of her funeral, Arthur Scargill chose to disrespect her passing rather more succinctly.

When an old trade union colleague relayed the momentous news to him via a text message that read: ‘Thatcher dead,’ the man she defeated in the catastrophic pit strike replied instantly, in capital letters: ‘SCARGILL ALIVE!’

Several days have passed since the former miners’ leader issued this gloating, two-word send-off. But such is his determination to avoid making a more sophisticated comment on his great ideological clash with Lady Thatcher — which has in many ways shaped the face of modern-day Britain — that he has remained in hiding.

On Thursday, however, I finally caught up with the elusive Arthur. Scuttling into a tower block on London’s Euston Road, accompanied as ever by his austere personal assistant Nell Myers (who is not the only woman in his life, as we shall see), he was barely recognisable as the pugnacious picket-line rabble-rouser of the Eighties.

Then, he was as stocky as a Yorkshire bull-terrier, with bushy ginger sideboards and a Bobby Charlton-style comb-over hiding his bald patch. Three decades later, now 75, he is wizened and gaunt, with sagging jowls and a grey fringe of hair circling his monkish pate.

He had been forced to break his cover to attend a union dispute hearing — what else?

As usual these days, however, the man accorded messianic status by miners he led, lemming-like, into that year-long strike, wasn’t fighting for the National Union of Mineworkers. He was fighting tooth and nail against them.

Armed with thick clip-files, and seemingly revelling in the arcane nuances of the debate, he was there to represent a former union official who claims the current NUM president, Scot Nicky Wilson, was unlawfully elected.

Such banal wrangles have become the staple of Scargill’s life ever since his retirement as NUM president 11 years ago.

Allegations: Ex-actress Linda Sheridan has written an explosive memoir which details her alleged eight-year relationship with Arthur Scargill

Beginnings: Arthur Scargill met Linda Sheridan, pictured aged 40, when she was a voluntary campaigner for his Socialist Labour Party in 2001

For the great irony is that his enmity with his one-time comrades is now every bit as entrenched and bitter as was his war with Lady Thatcher. Indeed, though the charge used to disparage the former PM since her death is that she was ‘divisive’, it is Scargill who, in his twilight years, has become the truly divisive figure, tearing apart a band of men whose solidarity, forged at the coalface, once seemed unbreakable.

Battle lines: The NUM won their court battle with former leader Scargill after refusing to pay the £34,000 rent for his City of London flat

To a few, diehard ex-miners in his old South Yorkshire stamping ground he remains a working-class hero; to many more, though — sickened by his recently failed court bid to get the shrunken NUM to pay for his grace-and-favour flat in the Barbican — he is the socialist icon who sold-out and joined the capitalist fat-cats he purportedly decries.

Incidentally, although for the past three years the union hasn’t stumped up the £34,000 rent for this sought-after 25th-floor City of London residence, Scargill still somehow affords to live there (while also maintaining his sprawling country house near Barnsley, bought during the strike with a union loan).

But the row over his Barbican flat is only one of many disputed issues to have come to light after the current NUM leadership investigated the terms of a parting deal, which Scargill drew up during his last days as president, to feather his retirement nest in addition to his £70,000-plus pension.

Under the terms of this arrangement, which ran for almost ten years (from July 2002, when his tenure ended, to December 2011) union trustees continued to pay him half his salary — about £34,000 a year — to carry out advisory work on their behalf.

They also agreed to provide him with an office at the NUM’s Barnsley HQ, plus another for the ubiquitous Nell (who was also given the use of a nearby flat) and pay him generous expenses: £15,000 for a car, plus his mobile and landline phone bill, and the cost of his domestic fuel and even his security alarm system.

Former glory: As leader of the National Union of Mineworks, Arthur Scargill was treated as a messiah in the 1980s

However, the union’s Yorkshire Area Trust eventually claimed he did insufficient work to warrant these benefits, and refused to pay more than £50 towards his Ford Mondeo, whereupon Scargill took it to court last year, in Sheffield.

He emerged victorious from that case, with the judge commenting that he had carried out ‘meaningful and considerable’ duties and ordering the trust to pay him £13,000 in expenses owed to him.

But round two of his court skirmish with the union — the Barbican case — saw him ignominiously defeated. The NUM say there could be further legal actions over outstanding matters.

Then there is the £20,000 annual affiliation fee which, until recently, the union paid to the International Energy and Miners’ Organisation (IEMO), a Paris-based body set up by Scargill (its president) and his great friend Alain Simon, the French trade union leader who is its secretary-general.

NUM general secretary Chris Kitchen concedes he has no idea what the IEMO does, much less how its funds are spent.

Before Scargill retired, however, the union agreed at Scargill’s behest to pay an annual affiliation fee to the IEMO for the next ten years. No amount was stipulated, but they were charged £20,000 annually.

Each year, Kitchen says, Scargill would notify him of the IEMO’s bank details — first an account in Vienna, then one in Ireland — and the money was transferred, no questions asked.

Finally, in 2011, by which time £180,000 had been handed over, that the NUM executive committee suspended these payments because the NUM claims the IEMO had failed to produce its accounts, as requested.

There is however no suggestion that Scargill or Simon have personally profited from the IEMO.

The litigation costs of this interminable and unedifying feud have been enormous, and these days the union can ill afford them.

When Scargill led the 1984/5 strike, he represented a powerful and wealthy organisation with almost 200,000 members working in 174 pits; today there are just 1,700 employed in Britain’s three active coalmines.

Small wonder that these few remaining members were so angry about Scargill’s determination to hang on to his £1.5 million Barbican apartment when they were each forking out £20 of their union subscription fees to pay the rent.

Battle lines: Sporting bushy ginger sideboards and stocky as a Yorkshire bull terrier, Scargill was in his prime

Deserted: The man who lead the miners into a year-long strike has spent recent years fighting them tooth and nail in the courts

Why, then, does ‘King Arthur’ appear to put his own interests above those of the collective he championed?

‘There’s an old saying, isn’t there? All men are born equal, but some are more equal than others,’ Kitchen surmises wearily. ‘I’ve tried to work it out [Scargill’s behaviour] but I still can’t square it in my own mind.

‘At first I tried to console myself that it was Thatcher’s fault — that she had taken a good trade unionist and socialist (which was my perception of Arthur during the strike) and turned him into the version of Arthur we see today.

‘I thought she had beaten him into the ground, to the point where he thought: “There’s not going to be a mining industry in five years, and I need to make a future for myself.”

‘Unfortunately, when I started doing my research for the court cases, I found Mr Scargill had put some of these things into place long before the strike.’

Mr Kitchen claims from day one Mr Scargill had been managing things to suit himself and secure his future, going back to the Seventies when he was first elected into union office.

But, of course, as with everything between Scargill and the union these days, Arthur would doubtless fiercely dispute that claim.

‘If only he had walked away in 2002, he could have left with a very good living and his reputation intact,’ says Kitchen. ‘He still had the respect of the miners then, which is priceless. But he couldn’t walk away and now we know he isn’t the person we thought he was.’

It would seem not; but unbeknown even to the mining community there is another side of Scargill that calls his integrity further into question.

In 2001, with the ink barely dry on his divorce from his wife Anne, he allegedly began a clandestine, eight-year relationship with Linda Sheridan, a voluntary campaign worker for the Socialist Labour Party, which he founded and still leads.

And in her explosive memoir, which she is now hawking around publishers, this red-haired ex-actress, still glamorous in her 70s, deconstructs Scargill’s upright image, portraying him as paranoid, obsessively secretive and self-centred.

Miss Sheridan’s story is supported by detailed diaries and the many text messages, scrawled letters and cards she received from Scargill — or ‘Honey Bear’, as she called him.

It began shortly before the General Election of 2001, when she decamped from her London home to canvass for him in Hartlepool, where he was standing for the Socialist Labour Party against the sitting Labour MP, Peter Mandelson.

The daughter of a Labour organiser in Birmingham and the granddaughter of a Welsh miner, she had formed an idealistic impression of Scargill, having admired his stance against Mrs Thatcher. She recalls how, before boarding the northbound train, she bought him a gift — an antique book about a peasant worker in the Stalin-era USSR — and as she handed it to him their eyes met, and she was captivated.

Hurt: Scargill's former flame Linda Sheridan says he became insistent on having a threesome with another woman

Evidence: Miss Sheridan's story is supported by many detailed diaries,love letters and cards such as this

Secrecy: Despite sending Christmas cards such as this, Scargill insisted his relationship with Linda Sheridan remained secret

‘I know it sounds corny but I really felt as if I’d been struck by a bolt of lightning,’ she told me at her home in York. Scargill seemed equally smitten, she says, for after the election count (in which he was trounced, getting 2.4 per cent of the vote) he drove her back to her hotel.

They enjoyed a furtive kiss in his car and he asked her to spend the night with him. But she demurred, so he promised to phone and fix a date.

A few weeks later the phone rang. ‘It’s me — the chap you met in Hartlepool,’ Scargill said conspiratorially. ‘Do you remember me? I’d like you to spend a weekend with me up in Barnsley.’

Linda envisaged country walks and romantic dinners. But from the moment Scargill met her off the train from King’s Cross, however, his paranoia became evident.

‘Don’t sit too close to me! There are a lot of speed cameras around here, and we might be filmed together,’ he barked as they raced through the Yorkshire lanes. He never satisfactorily explained this insistence on secrecy, she says, yet it would continue throughout their relationship.

Could Scargill have feared that his assistant Nell Myers might find out about them? ‘No, I don’t believe they were ever lovers, despite what many people think; she isn’t his type,’ Miss Sheridan insists.

Insecure behind his cocksure fa├žade, she says, Scargill constantly tried to impress her. He would mention the TV and radio shows he’d been on, such as Desert Island Discs, and regale her with gossip about famous people he had met, from Nelson Mandela to his great hero Fidel Castro.

He also bragged about a dinner date with Left-wing actress Vanessa Redgrave. Yet if she responded with her own anecdotes, he seemed irritated and changed the subject.

As the relationship developed, and they spent weekends with one another in Yorkshire and London, it also became evident they had very different expectations. Single, with several ill-starred relationships behind her, she was looking for a soul-mate — perhaps a husband — with whom to share her interests in politics and literature in the autumn of her years. Like Chris Kitchen of the NUM, she too believed Scargill had been left emotionally damaged after being defeated by Thatcher. She felt she might be able to ‘heal him’ and help him to reinvent himself.

‘But Arthur didn’t want to move on,’ she says. ‘He’s stuck in the past. He can’t accept that the world has changed and can never escape the politics of the factory gate.’

Glamour: Miss Sheridan as a young actress for the Birmingham Theatre school in 1960

As for their relationship, she eventually realised he didn’t want an equal companion — he simply wanted a compliant girlfriend to share his bed and be at his beck and call. With a growing sense of discontentment she played out the role, moving to Yorkshire in 2003 and agreeing to take an unpaid job as the Socialist Labour Party’s regional secretary — so no one would suspect they were an item.

But everything changed, she claims, when Scargill made a shocking suggestion to ‘spice up’ their love life. ‘Arthur turned to me and said: “Linda, have you ever thought about what you want to do before you die? Is there anything you’ve never done, and would really like to try?” ’

Taken aback at being prematurely invited to ponder her ‘bucket list’, she said she had always wanted a pet dog, and would like to be married.

‘How about you Arthur?’ she asked, to be met with ‘an ominous silence’. She thought he was about to say he’d like to go on some outlandish adventure, such as climbing the Himalayas or paddling down the Amazon.

To her utter amazement, however, the trade union titan replied bluntly: ‘I’d like a threesome with you and another woman.’

For a moment she thought he must be joking. But when she realised he was deadly serious she felt ‘physically sick’. Yet, during the ensuing weeks, she says, Scargill, who was then 67 years old, returned to the subject at every opportunity.

‘He would refer to the experiences of his heroes such as Castro, Lenin and Stalin. I think he sees himself on the same level as these great historical figures, and he would harp on about how they all had several mistresses at the same time.

‘It would be: “Look at Lenin’s wife, she was OK with threesomes. He had a mistress and a wife and they all got on together and were very happy.”

Churlish: When a friend text him with the news that Margaret Thatcher was dead, Scargill's reply was 'SCARGILL ALIVE!'

Or, “Castro had lots and lots of women, but there was only one who he really loved and she didn’t mind about it because he really wanted her, and it was only sex with the others.” ‘I would reply that if I had been Lenin’s wife I’d have hit him over the head with a saucepan. And later I did some reading up and, of course, Mrs Lenin didn’t enjoy it at all. It almost ended her marriage.’

To her eternal regret, after several years of this, Miss Sheridan succumbed. At the time her mother had just died, she says, and she felt grief-stricken, confused, and extremely vulnerable.

Afterwards, she says she felt consumed by such deep-seated self-loathing that she almost suffered a breakdown. But when she refused to repeat the squalid liaison, she says, Scargill ended the affair. Their final meeting, which Linda arranged ‘for closure’, came at her cottage in November 2010. She says he told her as they parted for the last time: ‘You know, love, I think we just wanted different things.’ Then, glancing around nervously, he scurried to his car and drove off.

Miss Sheridan says she wasn’t surprised when she read of Scargill’s churlish reaction to Lady Thatcher’s death. ‘It wasn’t clever or statesmanlike, but that’s how he is,’ she says. ‘When he saw how Lady Thatcher’s faculties had begun to deteriorate, he would say “she’s lost her marbles”.

‘And he used to remark that he had never once met her in the flesh. He seemed to be proud of that, for some strange reason. He will probably have celebrated the news alone, with a glass of wine and a sardonic look of satisfaction on his face. But where is the satisfaction in outliving her?’

Scargill refuses to comment on Miss Sheridan’s tawdry story. Nor will he discuss his various disputes with the NUM. As for his reaction to Lady Thatcher’s death, he seems unlikely to elaborate on that cheap, two-word riposte.

Thatcher dead. Scargill alive? Yes, but what a sorry existence.