Teen mother confesses to throwing newborn baby down garbage chute

A teen mother has been arrested after throwing her stillborn baby down a garbage chute.

Ariel Devonish-Francis, 19, who lives in the Bronx in New York was charged with unlawful disposal of a cadaver.

The city medical examiner completed an autopsy on Sunday and determined the baby was stillborn.

The woman confessed to doctors at the Einstein Hospital that she had given birth, put the infant in a bag and then down the chute, as reported by the New York Post

Shocking: A 19-year-old mother confessed to giving birth and then throwing her baby down a garbage chute at this address in the Bronx

Gruesome: The teenager told doctors at the Einstein hospital who then told police who found a fetus in the basement

When police were informed by the medical staff they searched the property at West Farms Road and made the gruesome discovery of a fetus in the basement.

Devonish-Francis went to Albert Einstein University Hospital after the miscarriage in her home on Saturday.

She delivered the dead fetus in the bathroom and claims she did not even know she was pregnant.

The mother is being treated at the hospital and has not been charged with a crime.

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'We all went down together and we saw the small little bag in the garbage. I was about to change the garbage bags myself. I might not have even seen it if I didn't know to look for it,' the building's super Jose Garcia, 50, told the New York Post.

'When they looked in the bag, they found that it was a newborn. It had an umbilical cord still attached and everything. This is heartbreaking.'

Investigations: Authorities are looking into the incident and said the baby appeared to be born premature

The mother, who lives at this address on West Farms Road in the Bronx, is being treated at hospital and hasn't been charged with a crime

Devonish-Francis told hospital workers she dumped the fetus down the chute in her building which was then reclaimed from a dumpster.

Neighbors said 19-year-old had not appeared noticeably pregnant.