'This is your chance now, come clean': Mother of prostitute found buried

A mother tearfully appealed to the man who murdered her daughter to confess after a coroner today ruled she had met a ‘violent and unlawful’ death.

Becky Godden-Edwards’s remains were found buried beneath farmland after taxi driver Christopher Halliwell marked out the spot to detectives.

He had previously taken police to the body of Sian O’Callaghan who he had abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered after picking her up while she stumbled home from a nightclub.

Battle for justice: Karen Edwards, left, has pleaded with convicted murderer Christopher Halliwell to confess to killing her daughter Becky Godden-Edwards, right, ten years ago

Still hope: Speaking after the inquest, Becky Godden-Edwards' father John said he is still looking for 'answers'

But a judge ruled that although he pleaded guilty to Miss O’Callaghan’s murder, he could not be charged for killing Miss Godden-Edwards as investigating officers had breached his legal rights while arresting him.

Today, Miss Godden-Edwards’s mother Karen wept as a coroner’s court heard how police archaeologists had only recovered partial skeletal remains.

Speaking outside of court, Mrs Edwards said: ‘I would also like to appeal to Christopher Halliwell.

'This is your chance now, come clean, please, please, what have you got to lose?

'My personal opinion I don’t think he’s ever going to come out, so why not put everyone out of their misery?'

‘She is my daughter and I’m not going to give up until I get that conviction.’

Detailed CCTV pictures led detectives to Christopher Halliwell after his taxi was seen cruising the area where Miss O’Callaghan, 22, was last seen making her way home from a Swindon nightclub in March 2011.

Fearing he was about to commit suicide and Mrs O’Callaghan was being held captive, officers carried out a controversial Urgent Interview – usually reserved for terrorism suspects in cases where lives are at risk.

Killer: Christopher Halliwell was jailed for the murder of 22-year-old office worker Sian O'Callaghan

Tributes and flowers were left at the crop field in East Leach, Gloucestershire where the body of Becky Godden Edwards was found by police

After Halliwell took them to the site by the side of the road where Miss O’Callaghan’s naked body had been dumped, he requested a meeting with Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher in which he offered to show him ‘another one’ in return for a cigarette.

Christopher Halliwell was jailed for life for the abduction, sexual assault and murder of Sian O'Callaghan last October

Detectives drove him to a remote crop field in Eastleech, on the Oxfordshire border, where after using a groove in a stone wall, he paced out to the spot when Miss Godden-Edwards’ was buried.

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The 20-year-old was last seen in Swindon shortly after Christmas 2002 and despite coming from a wealthy family, had turned to prostitution after becoming addicted to drugs.

Forensic experts believe she was killed shortly after her last sighting.

Halliwell, 49, was initially charged with both murders, but Mrs Justice Cox ruled that detectives had broken the Police and Criminal Evidence Act that protects the legal rights of those arrested.

He eventually pleaded guilty to Miss O’Callaghan’s murder after his DNA was found on her body and was sentenced to life with a minimum of 25 years in October last year.

Miss Godden-Edwards’s remains were unable to provide forensic evidence and the coroner’s court heard that her skull and hands were missing probably due to the field being ploughed.

Anguish: An inquest in Oxford heard how Becky Godden-Edwards met a 'violent and unlawful' death

As the field had only been disturbed once since 2003 and harvested one crop, the skeleton was not completely destroyed.

Wiltshire Police say they are still investigating Miss Godden-Edwards’s murder and are appealing for information relating to her murder.

Det Sup Steve Fulcher was initially suspended by Wiltshire Police while an ongoing Independent Police Complaints Commission probe is carried out into how he handled the investigation, but returned to work last week.

Speaking about Det Sup Fulcher’s return, Mrs Edwards added: ‘The police have a very hard job. I am delighted that Steve Fulcher is back at work. Without him I would never had known what happened to my daughter.’

Halliwell’s name was not mentioned throughout the hearing at Oxford Coroner’s Court due to the police investigation.

Coroner Darren Salter said while returning a narrative verdict: ‘It is very likely that her death was unnatural, violent and likely unlawful by a third person.’

Campaign: Karen Edwards lays flowers at the crop field in Eastleech near the Oxfordshire border where her daughter's remains were found

Rebecca Godden. left, aged 18, and the murdered girl right, aged 7, pictured with her mother Karen