Police hunt for trio of pouting men posing for nightclub

These three pouting revellers are being looked for by police after a man celebrating his brother's stag do was hospitalised in a brutal street attack.

The trio had posed for an official nightclub photo just hours before the incident which saw Neil Topping, 53, knocked out cold and kicked in the head.

Police have released the image in a bid to track down the culprits for the attack and photographs of Mr Topping's injuries have also been published.

Police have released a picture of these men they want to speak to in connection with the attack

He suffered a fractured left cheekbone and deep cuts to his forehead in the 2.30am incident.

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The assault happened after Mr Topping had been with members of his family celebrating at the Bliss nightclub in Wigan town centre in Greater Manchester.

Police said Mr Topping got into an argument with a man who bumped into him on the nightclub dancefloor and knocked him to the side.

His son stepped in to calm the argument down and they both left the club, with other friends and family members.

Neil Topping is pictured in hospital with his extensive injuries after he was assaulted as he celebrated his brother's stag do

While the group was walking down the street the man who Mr Topping had been arguing with went up to him, alongside two other men, police said.

A police spokesman said: 'As the argument continued, the offender punched a member of the family to the face while one of the other offenders then started to punch other family members indiscriminately.

'The third man then punched Neil to the face, knocking him out cold and the second man kicked Neil to the head. The offenders then ran away.'

Police have released an image of three suspects taken by the official photographer for the nightclub earlier that night.

Mr Topping got into an argument with a man who bumped into him on the nightclub dancefloor and knocked him to the side

Officers said the man who first got into an argument with Mr Topping is believed on the left, the man who threw punches at the group is believed to be in the middle, and the man who knocked Mr Topping out cold is believed to be on the right.

Police Constable Roy Lunio said: 'This was a violent attack carried out by three men who had no reason to act as recklessly as they did.

'Not only were Neil and his family's celebrations ruined, he was hospitalised with injuries I am sure everyone will agree are unpleasant to say the least.

'We would like to directly ask the three men pictured to come and speak to Greater Manchester Police before we find them first.

'We are asking that anyone who knows who these men are call us as soon as possible; you only need to look at the pictures of Neil to understand how serious this matter is.'

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 5958 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.