Jenelle Evans arrested: for Alleged Heroin Possession and Assault

Jenelle Evans arrested:  for Alleged Heroin Possession and Assault. ‘Teen Mom’ star was arrested in her home state of North Carolina for four different charges, including assault and possession, says a new report.

Jenelle Evans, 21, has had her fill of drama since starring on MTV’s Teen Mom 2, but things just got even more dramatic. Jenelle only recently admitted to the severity of her drug addiction, and now it has landed her behind bars again. On April 23, Jenelle was reportedly arrested for heroin possession and assault. Read on for all the details of her new arrest.

Jenelle Evans Arrested For Heroin Possession & Assault

Jenelle has another mugshot to add to her collection, as the MTV star was arrested by the Brunswick County Police. Jenelle has been charged with possession of heroin with intent to manufacture, sell and distribute, simple assault, and simple possession of a schedule II controlled substance, reports TMZ.

What a shame. This is not the first time Jenelle has been arrested for drug use.

Jenelle Evans’ Heroin Addiction Confession On Facebook

A private conversation on Dec. 21 from what appears to be Jenelle’s official Facebook account with Amy was revealed to on Jan. 2, and it shows a shocking alleged confession to her herion addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

The full conversation goes:

Jenelle: Are u withdrawing? That might be why I feel like this honestly… I just got a script for hydrocodones and figured it would be ok to take well when I ran out I withdrew AGAIN like three days ago. And today is my 5th day I had acid reflux horribly and stomach cramps and everything… Still do

Amy: No it shouldn’t be withdraw cause Ive been on suboxone since the 11th. But I’m sorry girl and yeah that’s probably what your going thru after an addiction and dependency like opiates, loratabs can still f**k your world up.. You wouldn’t think so cause it’s not shot compared to opanas or heroin but it can

Amy: It shouldn’t take more than 7 days though so hopefully yours will be over soon. Try to buy a sub strip from someone and only take 1/4 a day see if that helps
I’ve got some I’d give ya but I’m all the way in WV

Jenelle: Yeah that’s what I was thinking to do but it’s like now who do I trust that won’t sell me out that I bought suboxone… Ugh lol ill find someone!! But yeah it sux I feel bad for Courtland [Rogers] becuz yesterday his script ran out too soooo tomorrow is going to be extremely sh!tty for him !!! Omg I feel so bad for him

Let’s hope that Jenelle doesn’t have any more tickets to go see Ke$ha, because she could be in a lot of trouble.

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