Former Miss Teen Delaware who renounced her crown

She's been flung into the media spotlight since renouncing her title as Miss Delaware Teen USA after becoming embroiled in a porn scandal - and it seems Melissa King has enjoyed the experience.

The 19-year-old pageant queen has revealed that she wants to be a journalist and will be starting college this fall to pursue the career.

King shared her intentions outside Worcester County District Court in Ocean City, Maryland on Monday, where she pleaded guilty to a charge of underage alcohol consumption.

Charges of theft that accused Miss King of stealing money from a bus fare box were dropped.

Beauty queen: Melissa King, former Miss Delaware Teen USA, leaves the Ocean City, MD, Courthouse with attorney, J. Gregory Hannigan after being sentenced to a year probation for an alcohol violation last year

Her attorney, J. Gregory Hannigan, told reporters outside the court that pleading guilty to the alcohol possession citation and paying a $100 fine would allow her a fresh start at college this fall.

'So that she can be a normal freshman, we're going to keep the name [of the college] quiet,' Hannigan said, adding that it was in a Western state.

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She simply added, 'I feel fine' and told reporters that after attending college she's 'going to go on to a journalism career'.

Refusing to comment on the pornographic video she allegedly appeared in costing her her beauty queen title, Miss King's attorney confirmed she would not answer 'rude or invasive questions.'

Relief: Melissa King resigned as Miss Delaware Teen USA earlier this year after an online porn video surfaced

United: Melissa King arrives at court with boyfriend David Stout who paid $140 to cover a fine and court costs

The outstanding arrest warrants were issued in 2012 after she failed to appear in court on citations for theft and possessing alcohol as a minor.

'Neither one is extraditable from Delaware,' Officer Mike Levy, police spokesman for the department in Ocean City, Maryland, told the Delaware News Journal last year.

'The warrants are on file. If she surrenders herself in Maryland, she will have to go before the court to deal with the charges.'

The charges came shortly after King, then the reigning Miss Teen Delaware International 2012, exited foster care and around the time she allegedly recorded a porn video.

Regarding allegations that she had stolen money from a city bus fare box, Mr Hannigan explained the charge, saying it had been a misunderstanding.

In trouble: Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA, has two outstanding arrest warrants in Maryland

Is it her? It comes after a porn video allegedly showing 18-year-old King appeared online (pictured). After the accusations emerged, she was forced to give back her crown and title

Miss King had paid $2 to ride a bus with a friend and then taken the fares out when they decided not to take the journey.

Mr Hannigan added that his client was 'relieved' to be given unsupervised probation and as the driver, took responsibility for the open bottle of Rum discovered in her father's car when police pulled her over for a cracked tail light.

King originally denied she had appeared in the damning porn video, but the woman, who looks extremely similar to the beauty queen, identifies herself by name in the footage.

'I, Melissa King, am doing this scene of my own free will and I am of sound mind and body. I am not under the influence of drugs or any mind-altering substances,' she said at the start.

Following the release of the video, she was forced to give up her crown and take down her Facebook fan page.

With Donald Trump: Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King resigned her crown today after facing questions about an online sex video whose title claims to star her

Arrests: She was cited for underage drinking and theft last year but never turned up to court, records show

A spokesperson for the Miss Teen USA pageant released a statement saying: 'I would like to confirm the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant has received a resignation letter from Miss King’s attorney.'

The video is believed to have been shot some time in June 2012. She was crowned as Miss Delaware Teen USA four months after.

At the beginning of the video, a girl in a purple patterned dress sits on a bed and answers questions from the man behind the camera.

The man asks her when she turned 18, she replies: 'Three months ago, in March.' King’s birthday is in March, according to the Miss Delaware Teen USA website.

The interviewer then asks her what made her want to do her first adult video. 'I thought it'd be fun and it sounded like I needed the money,' the young girl says. 'So I just decided to do it.'

Allegations: A porn website posted a sex video on Monday featuring a woman who looks and sounds like Melissa King claiming it is the teen pageant winner

Secret life: Miss King is pictured center with some of her fellow pageant contestants

According to Delaware Online, the interview then fades to another set of questions where she is asked about being a 'Miss Teen?'

When the woman acts reluctant to talk about it, he says 'I’m not going to say the state or anything... You did beauty pageants?'

'I've done them, yes,' she responds.

Following the scandal, the pageant reached out to the first runner-up Hailey Lawler, a high school senior, who has now replaced King.