Bieber to be prosecuted? Spitting On The Neighbor

Justin Bieber performs in concert at Bercy in Paris on March 19, 2013. UPI/David Silpa
Justin Bieber performs in concert at Bercy in Paris on March 19, 2013.
Bieber to be prosecuted? The Canadian Popstar Bieber  may get under the fold of Sherriff to be prosecuted. only if the L.A. Country Sherriff's Department makes its way through, they plan to push for Bieber to be prosecuted for spitting on his neighbor, according to a TMZ report on March 30.

The incident involved eyewitnesses claiming that Bieber spit on a neighbor in a "fit of anger," although Bieber denies the incident. This came about when the neighbor went to Bieber's house to complain about him allegedly driving his Ferrari at high speeds in the gated community, endangering the residents there.

Bieber allegedly flipped out, spit in the neighbor's face and then threatened to kill him. Bieber denied these allegations but there is now a chance for Bieber to be prosecuted as a landscaper working beside the house came forward and said he saw Bieber spit in the neighbor's face.

The victim was a 47-year-old father of three who lived there for 10 years and that makes sense when considering he was angry as the reckless driving. Now, the police want Bieber to be prosecuted because of his "disregard for the law," including speeding tickets, fights, reckless driving, drugs allegations and more.

According to TMZ, the Sherriff's Department wants Bieber to be prosecuted, not to put him in jail, but to force him to get held to prevent the "dangerous path" they see him headed down.